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Platform Link Description
Loistelogo.png Loiste On their official Site, the developers inform you

who they are, and what they do.

They also announce important stuff there.

Infrallogo.png INFRA On the official site of INFRA,

you can find information and plans about the game.

Steamlogo.png Steam On the Steam site, you will be able to buy Loiste's

games, and find important information. It also has lots of guides and discussions.

Discordlogo.png Discord On the Discord server you will be able to talk

to the developers, community modders, and many other great people!

It even features a bot with a few minigames.

Demnetized.png YouTube On YouTube, the developers post high-quality

Videos, like trailers, gameplay or teasers.

Twitterlogo.png Twitter On Twitter, the developers share major and minor information,

like releases or plans, and sometimes they answer a few community questions too.

Sociallogó.png Facebook On their Facebook site, they share

major information and changes.

It is not as active as their other social media.