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Map Name ending_3
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Stalburg Map ending_3
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One of the three possible epilogues to INFRA. This is the "meltdown" ending, as Mark was unable to save Stalburg and many parts of the region are now heavily irradiated, while Mark himself is suffering from radiation sickness.

Mark will awaken in his cottage in Finland where he has moved to recover. He'll take a call from Paul Laurwens, who's melancholy about what has happened, checks in to see how Mark is recovering, and offers him a job if he's interested in returning to Stalburg someday.

Requirements[edit | edit source]

To get to this ending, you are required to have failed to repair the pumps in the Blackrock Nuclear Power Plant, causing a meltdown. Corruption and photography score is irrelevant, but still changes the respective emails and media.

Emails/Media[edit | edit source]

  • If Mark saved Robin in the Coal-Fired Powerstation, and helped Rob construct a gift in Turnip Hill: An email from Rob talks about the coffee maker he made with Robin that they sent to Mark. He's confident that he can keep on eye on Robin so he doesn't break anything. Rob also says they'll be starting their own repair company, and thanks Mark for everything he's done.

(If Rob wasn't helped, the "bad ending" variant of this email shows instead).

(If Robin wasn't saved at all, Mark will just receive an email of Rob's computer repair store).

  • If Mark freed Carla and Amit from in the Black Rock Nuclear Power Plant: An email from Carla will apologize for being rude and ask Mark to help with the surveys of the radiation.
  • If corruption score was greater than 50%: An encrypted email from Raven Research, thanking Mark for his efforts revealing the conspiracy, but also asking him to send them anything else he finds out.

(If the corruption score was greater than 25% but less than 50%): The same email from Raven Research will be slightly threatening in tone, revealing they know Mark has been inside the bunker and ask why nothing has been published, it ends will that Mark with receive instructions.

  • An email From his boss, Paul Lauwrens, asking if Mark is fine after being exposed to radiation. He also asks if Mark wants to join the surveys of the fallout.

The Stalburg News Channel will review the consequences of the Black Rock reactor's explosion. Thousands of people in Stalburg died, parts of the city close to the power plant will remain uninhabitable for years, but other areas like Obenseur remained unscathed. NCG is conducting surveys of the fallout. The reason for the meltdown is explained that poor maintenance and the resulting collapse of the Two Gorges Dam flooded the power plant. The news will also cover the collapse of the Bergmann tunnels, depending on the photography score, maintenance and repair of the tunnels will be handed over to NCG. Additionally, Osmo Olut purchased Walter Tower to turn it into their new headquarters, and the company is experiencing a great amount of success.

  • The corruption news reel will follow depending on corruption score, and if Mark documented the bodies of the missing metro passengers, viewed Jeff Walter's videotape, and retrieved the list of key S.N.W operatives. As well as the possible resignation of Stalburg's Mayor Altmeyer.

Achievements[edit | edit source]

Icon Name Description
Ach partylikeits2011.jpg Party Like It's 2011 Complete INFRA.