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This page lists all locations per map in INFRA.

List of locations

Screenshot Significant Locations Map Name Chapter
Act 1

Alcista Building:

  • Meeting Room
  • Mark's Office
office 1: Preparations
Reserve 1.jpg

Old Power Plant

Morning Wood Co. Shack

Top of the Hammer Valley Dam

reserve1 2: Just Another Day at Work
Reserve 2.jpg Hammer Valley Dam
Hammer Valley National Park
Hammer Valley Sawmill
reserve2 2: Just Another Day at Work
Reserve 3.jpg Entrance to the Bergmann Water Tunnels reserve3 2: Just Another Day at Work
Tunnel 1.jpg Bergmann Water Tunnels tunnel1 3: Forgotten World
Tunnel 2.jpg Pine Fell Water Plant tunnel2 3: Forgotten World
Tunnel 3.jpg Bergmann Water Tunnels (cont.) tunnel3 3: Forgotten World
Tunnel 4.jpg Bergmann Power Plant
New Bergmann Tunnel
tunnel4 3: Forgotten World
Furnace.jpg Stalburg Steel Factory furnace 4: Heavy Industry of the Past
Tower.jpg Top of the Stalburg Steel Factory
Stalburg Steel administration building
tower 4: Heavy Industry of the Past
Water Treatment.jpg Pitheath Water Treatment Plant watertreatment 5: Fresh Water
Sewer.jpg Hackers Den
Pitheath Sludge Canal
sewer 5: Fresh Water
Sewer 2.jpg Control Room sewer2 5: Fresh Water
Act 2
Sewer 3.jpg Extended Sewer sewer3 6: Public Transport
Metro.jpg Pitheath Metro Station metro 6: Public Transport
Metro Ride.jpg Metro Tunnels metroride 6: Public Transport
Water Plant.jpg Stalburg Central Waterplant waterplant 6: Public Transport
Minitrain.jpg Minitrain Tunnels minitrain 6: Public Transport
Central.jpg Central Metro Station central 6: Public Transport
Service Tunnel.jpg Service Tunnels servicetunnel 7: Working Overtime
Skyscraper.jpg Walter Tower skyscraper 7: Working Overtime
Bunker.jpg SNW Bunker bunker 7: Working Overtime
Stormdrain.jpg Storm Drain stormdrain 7: Working Overtime
Cistern.jpg West Stalburg Runoff System cistern 7: Working Overtime
Powerstation.jpg Coal Fired Power Station powerstation 7: Working Overtime
Act 3
Powerstation2.jpg Destroyed Power Station
Coal Mine
powerstation2 8: Late for a Meeting
Isle1.jpg Castle Rock Bridge isle1 8: Late for a Meeting
Isle2.jpg Castle Rock isle2 8: Late for a Meeting
Isle3.jpg Castle Rock Drawbridge isle3 8: Late for a Meeting
Business.jpg Point Elias (Business District) business 8: Late for a Meeting
Business2.jpg Point Elias Metro Station business2 8: Late for a Meeting
Officeblackout.jpg Alcista Building:
  • Blackout Meeting
officeblackout 8: Late for a Meeting
Rails.jpg Turnip Hill Entrance rails 9: To Save a City
Tenements.jpg Turnip Hill Tenements tenements 9: To Save a City
River.jpg River river 9: To Save a City
Villa.jpg Rosenthal's Villa villa 9: To Save a City
Field.jpg Wheat Fields field 9: To Save a City
NPP.jpg Blackrock Nuclear Power Plant npp 10: Redemption
Reactor.jpg Unit 1 Reactor Building reactor 10: Redemption
Roof.jpg Reactor Building Roof roof 10: Redemption
Ending1.jpg Bad Ending, Turnip Hill Tenement ending_1 11: Epilogue
Ending2.jpg Good Ending, Mark's House ending_2 11: Epilogue
Ending3.jpg Meltdown Ending, Cottage in Finland ending_3 11: Epilogue
Whiprock DLC
Fort.jpg Fort fort Unknown
Prison.jpg Prison prison Unknown
Easter Eggs
Ee hallway.png B2 Tunnel hallway 3: Forgotten World
Wasteland.png Wasteland wasteland 8: Late for a Meeting
City gates.png NW city_gates 9: To Save a City
Binary map.png Binary binary N/A