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Map Name ending_1
BSP Name infra_c11_ending_1
Stalburg Map ending_1
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One of the three possible epilogues to INFRA. This is the "bad" ending as while Mark survived, he didn't document enough decaying infrastructure in Stalburg or corruption evidence to change anything.

Mark will awaken in a small tenement that was for sale in Turnip Hill, where he now shares a roommate. He'll take a call from Paul Laurwens, who checks in on Mark, concerned about where he lives now. Paul offers that if he ever wants to continue working for the NCG, they might have something for him coming up, and tells Mark to take care.

Requirements[edit | edit source]

To get to this ending, you must of repaired the pumps and disengage the reactor in the Black Rock Nuclear Power Plant, but have a low Corruption and photography score (under 50% for each Act).

Emails/Media[edit | edit source]

Depending on how many optional tasks Mark completed, emails on his computer, as well as the Stalburg Times newspaper about the state of Stalburg will change.

  • If Mark saved Robin but didn't help Rob construct a gift in Turnip Hill: An email from Rob talks about how Robin caused another accident and almost killed 2 people, he's going to prison now, and Rob begs Mark to help pay for a lawyer.
  • An email from Steve Johnson concern about where he lives now, and offers to meet him for beer at the Osmo Hill bar.
  • If corruption score was lower than 25%: An advertisement from Osmo Olut with a 50% Discount.
  • An email from Paul Laurwens asking Mark to call him to let him know if he's okay, and to be proud that he saved Stalburg from a nuclear meltdown.
  • If Mark did not repair any of the waterplants: An article from the Stalburg Times will reveal that Stalburg is facing a water crisis, and people are required to drink bottled water now. Stalburg Water's CEO, Roman Banis, was arrested for embezzlement after the fresh water system was totally compromised, resulting in 40,000 people in Stalburg becoming ill from drinking contaminated water, and the death of 12 others.

The Stalburg News Channel will briefly review the collapse of the Two Gorges Dam and the Bergmann Water Tunnels. Additionally, Osmo Olut purchased Walter Tower to turn it into their new headquarters, and the company is experiencing a great amount of success.

Achievements[edit | edit source]

Icon Name Description
Ach onemanisnotenough.jpg One Man Is Not Enough Complete INFRA.