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Playable locations in Obenseuer are spread across 6 separate district zones: Residential, Bazaar, Mines, Swamp, Central and Quarantine Zone. In the current version of the game, only Residential zone is available.

Residential District Zone[edit | edit source]

Establishments[edit | edit source]


Front exterior of O-Market

Main article: O-Market

Open Time: 24/7

A 24/7 shop in the middle of Residential district zone. You can buy stuff to fulfill your everyday needs, like Food, Cigarettes, Drinks as well as Cooking and Crafting ingredients.

Skeida Pharmacy

Front exterior of Skeida Pharmacy

Main article: Skeida Pharmacy

Open Time: 24/7

A Pharmacy next to the O-Market where you can buy Antidepressants, Painkillers, Sleeping Pills, Fungicide, Disinfectant and stronger prescripted version of regular medicine.

One Stop Shop

Front Exterior of One Stop Shop

Main article: One Stop Shop

Open Time:
Monday - Friday: 08:00-18:00
Saturday: 10:00-16:00
Sunday: CLOSED

An odd general trader located at the Backyard near the Player's Tenement that offers a surplus of general supplies, while also selling some furniture. The shop's stock changes daily.

Market Stalls

Main article: Market Stalls

A bunch of locally-run stalls selling various goods, ranging from hardware to food, located at the Market Square.

Building Complexes[edit | edit source]

Player's Tenement building[edit | edit source]

Main article: Player's Tenement

The Player's Tenement is a large unfinished apartment building that is given to the player, due to a mistake in the paper work. You can go to Tenement Contract Work! to renovate the apartments in the tenement or perform general renovations, like installing plumbing or electricity to improve the building.

Deekula building[edit | edit source]

Large complex made out of 3 units, the Deekula A, B and C and the additional Deekula Basement. Among all those units player can find Tenement Contract Work! renovator, Dr. Pena MD medical expert and the Möbelmann Furnitures store.

Kolhola building[edit | edit source]

Building with one unit, the Kolhola A, located along the Trade Road, inside player can find Hostel Warehom and Money Exchange establishments.

Tenement building[edit | edit source]

Complex made out of 2 units, the Tenement A, B and the additional Tenement A Basement. Among those units player can find the Speakeasy Bar, Passmore and Nordmark Water Services.

Locations in Obenseuer
Residential District Zone
Bazaar District Zone