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The Money Exchange cantor is located in Kolhola A building and allows to exchange currencies, from OC to RM and vice versa.

Overview[edit | edit source]

Money Exchange cantor

Located on the 7th floor under A16 address, it is always open to provide exchange services, regardless of the day.

Upon interaction, player can set amount of OCs or RMs to exchange, the cantor has a limited amount of both currencies and resupplies them both daily. If player depletes either of the currencies from the cantor, the exchange rate will drastically change, making the depleted currency to gain on value significantly.

Due to high monetary value of RM, its availability in large quantities will be uncommon, forcing player to exchange OCs to RM more strategically in advance if they need larger amounts.

Player can break into the cantor by lockpicking A17 apartment door, from where there is an entrance to the cantor's inside, where a crafting recipe for Open Sewer Coins is found.