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In Obenseuer, to treat physical and mental health, player has access to medicine and medical help.

Regular medicine[edit | edit source]

At any time, player can visit Skeida Pharmacy to buy regular medicine for RMs, that includes Paintkillers, Antidepressants, Sleeping Pills, Fungicide and Bandages. These can also be found from looting, usually found in bathroom cabinets.

Painkilleres are used to treat low physical health, once used will start to regenerate health slowly.

Antidepressants are used to reduce depression, they work on specific range of state of mental health and using them when the depression is too low or when it is too high will have negative effects on mental health.

Sleeping Pills are used to force player character to sleep at a cost of mental health, once used within few minutes increase tiredness highly, overused may knock player character out before they are able to go to sleep.

Fungicide is used to combat the Fungal Disease itself:

  • Regular pills reduce the disease by 0,5% and slow its further progression rate by 0,05%, they increase both the intoxication and the depression by 1% and reduce the physical health by 1%.
  • Prescription pills reduce the disease by 1,5% and slow its further progression rate by 0,175%, they increase the depression by 2%, increase the intoxication by 5% and reduce the physical health by 5%.

Bandages are used to stop bleeding, they do not regenerate the physical health on their own, but from stopping bleeding, they prevent it from draining down. There are three types of bandages, regular Bandage, Dirty Bandage and Adhesive Bandage. Player starts with a pack of Adhesive Bandage.

Medical help[edit | edit source]

Player can visit Dr. Pena MD at the second floor of Deekula A to get an examination of physical health, mental health or regarding fungal disease. From the examination player can get a prescription for stronger medicine that can be bought at Skeida Pharmacy. At the doctor player can also get an experimental surgery to cut out the growing fungi inside the body, which may leave player with hurt physical health that will require treating separately afterwards.