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In Obenseuer, one of the way of getting resources and money is Looting. District of Obenseuer is full of accessible locations, public spaces, apartments, underground, storages, that player can explore and gather loot from.

Overview[edit | edit source]

Resources can be found inside storages or lying around in the world, residents put and take new items daily or up to one week to refill the storages, however not all storages will be replenished for sure, especially if the storage is in abandoned area where no-one enters.

Items found in places where someone currently lives, will be marked as owned and player will be able to stole them. Getting seen while picking up owned items will add crime points for theft, carrying around them will add up bounty on the player, if high enough, from highly valuable items, then the Militiamen will approach player for questioning.

Player can also find money during looting, usually found inside Piggy Banks, Cash Boxes or Safes.

Looting is a way of getting common or rare resources for Renovations, the low-level contractor, Tenement Contract Work!, accepts stolen goods for renovating.

To gain access to more locations player may need to find Keys, break Blocked Passages, Lockpick doors or use Keypads and Keycards.

Gathered non-owned items may usually be sold to One Stop Shop, owned clockworks, medicine, jewelry and metalworks may be sold to Passmore.

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