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Building Mode is used to place, take and move around furniture and machines inside Player's Tenement.

Overview[edit | edit source]

After acquiring a Tenement Blueprint from Malone Petronis, player can activated the building mode in specific areas: In the player's apartment after full examination and the two adjacent balconies once renovated, in the main part of the basement and the basement workshop once renovated and in the roof greenhouse once renovated after gaining access to all the floors.

In the building mode player can place any furniture they have in their inventory, the furniture inventory is separate from regular one and does not have a limit. Player then can interact with placed down machines and start their own production of various goods. Player can also place down items from their regular inventory, however a better way of storing large quantities of regular items is to buy or craft a storage.

Player can rotate the furniture by holding RMB and change the mode of rotation by pressing V button to snap to a certain degrees instead of freemode. Some furniture also have snapping points that allows easier aligning and stacking them, by holding C button, for instance Wooden Pallets allow to snap each other to a grid, Beer Crates allow to be placed one on another or various lanterns that can be snapped to a wall and ceiling hooks.

Building Mode also has features of Cleaning Mode, allowing to clear biohazard and trash bags with Disinfectant, clean walls from graffiti with Cleaning Spray and clear piles of mold with Bleach. Cleaning Spray and Bleach can be bought at O-Market, Disinfectant can be bought at Skeida Pharmacy, all three can also be found by looting from exploration.

Stairwell has an access to a much more limited decorative building mode that prevent player from placing usable furniture, like machines or storages, on the stairwell but allows to put decorative ones, like paintings, rugs or letters.

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