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The O-Market is a chain store located in the center of the map in Obenseuer. It is a small convenience store that allows the player to purchase food, drinks, and other essentials that they'll need to survive and progress.

The exterior of the O-Market, facing the market square.
The interior of the O-Market.
The O-Market cash register. The player can interact with Mirjam Freighter to purchase cigarettes and complete all other purchases.
The left-corner of the O-Market, where the player can exchange bottles for OC and play with the slot machine for a chance to earn more OC.

Notes:[edit | edit source]

  • This O-Market is open 24/7, and never closes.
  • It is not possible to steal anything from the store; the doors will lock, and an alarm will sound if the player attempts to leave without paying for an item.
  • It should not be confused with the O-Market in Turnip Hill which is closed.

Layout[edit | edit source]

OMarket Layout.png

Foods[edit | edit source]

Current Inventory (Version 0.3.22)
Vegetables Cost (OC) Fruits Cost (OC) Frozen Meals Cost (OC) Canned Food Cost (OC) Snacks and Candy Cost (OC) Breads Cost (OC) Prepared Meals Cost (OC)
Turnips 0-4 Apples 1-12 Frozen Fish 30 Canned Vendaces 15 Carl Fatler Chocolate Bar 105 White Bread 15 Mämmi 39
Sugar Beets 2-11 Tomatoes 1-16 Peas 7-29 Canned Sardines 15 Pluto Candy Bar 15 Multigrain Bread 15 Meatballs 52
Lettuce 0-11 Watermelons 6 Frozen French Fries 18 Sour Herring 15 Mättöx Candy Bag 75 Rye Bread 15 Smashed Potatoes 30
Leek 4 Lenkki Sausages 22 Canned Pineapple 15 Kitties Candy Bag 45 Hotdog Buns 48
Cucumbers 4-23 Microwave Pizza 22 Canned Tuna 15 Evil Bear Candy Bag 45
Carrots 2-14 Packaged Pork 68 Canned Meat 15 Lies Potato Chips 75
Peppers 2-35 Packaged Minced Meat 24 Can of Tomato Soup 6 Turnip Chips 45
Potatoes 1-10 Packaged Beef 68 Can of Peaches 6 Sugar Flakes 30
Onions 1-14 Packaged Chicken 45 Can of Pea Soup 6
Cabbages 2-20 Cheese 20

Drinks[edit | edit source]

Current Inventory (Version 0.3.22)
Non-Alcoholic Drinks Cost (OC) Alcoholic Drinks Cost (OC)
Moca-Cola Classic 18 Osmo Olut Bottle 22
Moca-Cola Light Classic 18 Osmo Olut Can 15
Septi Low 8 Osmo Lonkero Can 15
Septi Max 8 Merda Vite 330
Evotan Bottle 6 Stollandia Vodka 300
Fail 8 Carrot Wine in a wine bottle 8
Icea Tea 18 Potato Wine in a wine bottle 59-79
Jaffe 8 Turnip Wine in a wine bottle 28-88
Splurt 8 Wine in a wine bottle 393-716
Moca-Cola Can 18
Moca-Cola Light Can 18
Septi Max Can 18
Fail Can 18
Splurt Can 18
Milk 10

Cooking, Utility, and Miscellaneous[edit | edit source]

Utility Cost (OC) Cooking Cost (OC) Misellaneous Cost (OC)
Charcoal 98 Eggs 30 Can Opener 16-85
Laundry Detergent 60 Salt 14 Batteries AA 38
Bleach 168 Sugar 8 Batteries D 38
Cleaning Spray 8-48 Cooking Oil 30 Matchbox 38
Hand Soap 22 Malts 15 Teddy Bear 150
Windshield Wiper Fluid 18 Hops 30 Zebra Cigarettes 2-36
Glue 3-33 Macaroni 9 Bolmaro Cigarettes 2-28
Yarn 42 Rye Flour 8 Ducky Strike Cigarettes 2-28
Stamps 75 Wheat Flour 8 Winstead Cigarettes 2-28
Envelopes 2 El Presidente Coffee 129
Paper 2 Pekka Coffee 51
Duct Tape 18 Yeast 15
Empty Plastic Bucket 18
Empty Mason Jar 8

Discount Basket[edit | edit source]

The discount basket is a red basket that is located next to the vegetables/canned goods aisle that sells foods and goods at a discounted price.

Notes:[edit | edit source]

  • As of (version 0.3.22) current, the discounts only apply to foods that can be qualitative (i.e. fruits and vegetables). There is no discount to normal or processed foods (i.e. batteries, gummy bears).
  • Items that are in the discount bin (that can be discounted) usually lower in price by around OC 4-5.

Bottle Recycling[edit | edit source]

Bottle Recycling Machines.jpg

In the southern part of the building, immediately to the left of entering the store, the player is able to interact with the bottle exchange and hand in bottles for OC. The machine will only accept what is described in the following table:

Bottle Type Value (OC)
Empty Plastic Bottle 1
Empty Glass Bottle 1
Empty Can 1
Empty Wine Botle 2

Notes:[edit | edit source]

  • There is no (apparent) limit to how many bottles you can insert into the machine.
  • When collecting the OC, the player must wait for the machine to finish dispensing the coins, otherwise the machine will stop and the player will have to restart the coin dispensing process.
  • The bottle recycling machine is required for the Survive in Obenseuer task, where the player must insert some bottles and collect cash to progress.

Slot Machine[edit | edit source]

Main article: Slot Machine

Next to the bottle recycling machine, a DoublePot Slot Machine is found that allows player to gamble with OCs.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The O-Market has at least two different locations, one located in Obenseuer's Residential Zone, and another in Turnip Hill.
Locations in Obenseuer
Residential District Zone
Bazaar District Zone