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Pile of Mail.png

Player can send and receive various mail.

Receiving mail[edit | edit source]

Any mail that player is meant to receive will be delivered every day, except Sundays, onto the doorstep of player's apartment at 9:00 in the morning. Player is receiving daily 1-2 mails from Lifehack-Pekka, granting random recipes of any kind, unanswered mail will stack up with the new mail.

Sending a mail[edit | edit source]

Public mailbox at the Market Square

If player has a letter ready to be send, they can find a public mailbox at the Market Square next to the Skeida Pharmacy, interacting with the mailbox will send any letter player has currently in their inventory.

See the location of the Mailbox on the map

Writing a letter[edit | edit source]

Using a Copy Machine, found at the Hostel Warehom or at the OS Telemarketing Company, or a Printing Press, found at the Deekula A attic, player can craft letters. Writing one requires having a specific recipe and usually takes Stamps, Paper and Empty Envelope to craft it.