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Interior of an sauna

A Sauna is a room that, when used, can provide both a positive and negative impact on the player character.

Some apartments have built in saunas; the Player's Tenement has an adjacent sauna at a canal pier by default, and the player is able to contract a renovation to convert one of the basement rooms into an additional sauna. The basement sauna is also a requirement for a few of the potential residents.

Usage[edit | edit source]

Thermometer showing temperature inside the stove
Stove and a bucket to pour water from

The Sauna works by heating up stones above water boiling point and generates steam. The Sauna can have a solid fuel stove, powered by flammable materials like firewood, or an electric stove, powered by a building's electricity. A thermometer found in the sauna room shows the temperature in the stove, indicating how hot the stones are to produce the necessary steam. The player can pour water onto the stove stones to generate steam when the thermometer shows over 60°C. Steam will fill the room, and the player will start experiencing its effects.

A sauna may have a nearby shower to cool down between sessions.

Effects[edit | edit source]

Sauna sessions will improve the player's mental health by reducing addictions and fungal disease. On the downside, thirst begins to increase drastically and the player may overheat, which will result in burns and health loss. The sauna effects begin once the sauna is filled with steam. Pouring more water to create more steam will increase effectiveness of both the positive and negative attributes.

Renovation of Tenement Saunas[edit | edit source]

Within the Player's Tenement, there are two saunas that can be renovated: the Canal Sauna, and another sauna in the basement of the Player's Tenement. In the current version, the makeshift level of Canal Sauna is already built, allowing player to use it right away. The basement sauna requires a makeshift upgrade before it can be used, while higher levels of the sauna requiring various levels of tenement electricity and resources. Some potential residents like Olle Leino, Jarmo Pettinen, Vivi Bondar and Kirka Kääbus will require a specific tier in order to be satisfy their living requirements.

Locations[edit | edit source]

  • The Canal Sauna is located on the eastern side of Player's Tenement at a pier. see on the map
  • The basement sauna is located in the basement level of the Player's Tenement. see on the map
  • A prebuilt sauna room inside apartment Deekula A4. Requires lockpicking to access. see on the map
  • A prebuilt sauna at the ground floor inside the Kolhola A building. Requires lockpicking to access. see on the map
  • A prebuilt sauna room inside apartment Kolhola A15. Requires lockpicking to access. see on the map