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This page contains information about upcoming content from version 0.3.39 - Mines Update, which may be incorrect in relation with current public release of the Obenseuer game.

Keypad is an electronic lock used as a door protection in Obenseuer.

Overview[edit | edit source]

An usable keypad would be found next to a locked doors, upon interaction it allows to enter an 4-digit long code, using digits from 0 to 9, correct combinations allows to open the door. There is no punishment for entering a wrong combination, allowing player to immediately try to enter a code again.

List of keypads[edit | edit source]

Location Hint Code
Access to Bergmann Tunnels in Tenement B Given by Passmore on the course of Getting a Passport showhide
Upper penthouse in Deekula C9 apartment Decoded from a henchmen's note found in one of the rooms, requires identifying various locations in Deekula C and note down their numbers showhide
Deekula B7 apartment Leetspeak slang used on the internet showhide
Prison security system Currently there is no way of learning the correct code legitly showhide
Bank security system Various notes in the bank's office and boss' house showhide
Bank vault Information collected from boss' computer showhide

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