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In Obenseuer, player can pick up keys to unlock specific doors.

Overview[edit | edit source]

Keys are found in the world or given directly as part of the quest, they occupy a separate section inside player's inventory, collected keys will permanently stay in the inventory.

Specific doors will either require only a key or allow unlocking them with a key as an alternative to Lockpicking, some doors might be in other's view when lockpicked, so using a key will prevent getting a crime points.

When player is in possession of a key, interacting with a door will display a green unlock hint.

List of keys[edit | edit source]

  • Bergmann tunnel entrance keys - Keys to Tenement B basement leading to Bergmann tunnels given on the course of Getting a Passport quest.
  • Tunnel B2 keys - Keys to Tunnel B2 in the Bergmann tunnels given by Mike on the course of Tunnel B2 quest.
  • Deekula apartment B1 keys - Keys to the Deekula B1 apartment given on the course of Priest's Debt quest.
  • Deekula B3 apartment - Keys found on the course of Radio Signal quest.
  • Deekula apartment A8 keys - Keys found in the Deekula A8 apartment.
  • Deekula C storage 8 keys - Keys found in the Deekula C4 apartment.
  • Deekula apartment B4 keys - Keys given on the course of Radio Signal quest.
  • Mr. Duck's upstairs keys - Keys given on the course of Five Little Ducklings
  • Deekula apartment B8 keys - Keys given by Keijo Korsonen after talking with him
  • Deekula apartment B10 keys - Keys given by Max Masher if he gets hurt.
  • Keys to small mines - Keys found in small mine by escaping from prison by the went.

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