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In Obenseuer, player is able to grow and harvest many different plants to use the produce in the crafting or to sell it for profit.

Farms[edit | edit source]

Player can find farms owned by other NPCs around the world, notably the Kurahaara's Greenhouse, or craft or buy the farms themselves. In greenhouse, player can grow crops for Jomppe Kurahaara using the planting space inside after asking him for a job. Farms can be bought from Möbelmann_Furnitures or crafted from fertile soil upon finding an associated blueprints, the player can then place inside Player's Tenement. Farms can have two important modifiers - Sun, allowing to plant crops that need sunlight, and Moist, allowing to plant mushrooms.

In the Player's Tenement, player can place farms inside the apartment, in the basement, or inside the dedicated greenhouse on the roof available once player renovates the Stairwell fully. Farms placed near the windows, on the balcony and under the greenhouse roof will have a Sun modifier, farms placed in dark areas away from windows will have Moist modifier.

Besides regular farms, there are also farms with supports, allowing to grow vineroot plants (like tomatoes, cucumbers and bell peppers), and farms with UV light, giving a Sun modifier as a substitute for sunlight. A terrarium gives at the same time both Sun and moist modifier and is not affected by the placement inside tenement. All different types can be purchased at Möbelmann_Furnitures or crafted upon finding an associated blueprint.

Planting[edit | edit source]

Crops can be planted from seeds, that can be found in exploration or bought at Kurahaara's Stall, or planted directly from produce, which may not be possible for every type of plant.

To plant, player has to interact with a farm to open its interface and move the seeds or the produce into the farm's storage, player can now preview the plant they are about to plant and start the process. Plants will now grow for hours, once fully grow, they start spoiling and will be harvestable.

Plants that grow vertically produce singular fruits that can be harvested, after doing so, the plant will start growing new batch. The process continues as long as the vineroot had not spoiled.

To harvest, player has to point and look at the crop and interact with it, harvesting is not performed from inside the interface.

Player can also leave Moldy Piles in-the-world that will grow regular mushrooms in about one and a half month since the pile was placed.

Temperature[edit | edit source]

In the current version player does not need to worry, nor upkeep, the temperature for plants to grow.

Selling the crops[edit | edit source]

Main article: Farming Job

Crops grown inside greenhouse, and only those, can be sold to Jomppe after completing Kurahaara Farmer quest.

Skill[edit | edit source]

For each planted crop, player gains skill in farming, the higher the skill the better quality of the crops are, and lower the chances are for plants to die when growing. Higher quality affects the selling value of the crops that Jomppe is willing to pay for. Large farm fields inside greenhouse have a lower skill gain than regular farms.

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