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Militiaman next to the ATM booth

Police duties in Obenseuer are enforced by the local Militia, that are part of Stalburg Emergency Services.

Militia keeps order around Residential district zone, runs Jail and controls border passages with Bazaar.

Player can also call police via number 112 using a phone to report infected bodies.

Militiamen[edit | edit source]

Militiamen officers are posted around Residential district zone, one next to the ATM Booth at Market Square and one next to the Bazaar Passport Control at Backyard. They keep the post during the day and patrol the area during the nights.

If player has a bounty on them, had commited crimes or is carrying valuable stolen items, militiamen will approach player for questioning. Upon interaction, player has ability to attempt bribery for money to be let free or attempt to run away starting a chase. If the bounty is high, they will run up, attempting to catch player immediately without questioning. Cought player is transported to jail and put in one of the cells where they serve the time for their crimes.

If player commited crimes but had not been approached by Militiamen yet, they have abilty to turn themselves in.

Jail[edit | edit source]

Main article: Jail

Militia has a guard posted at the jail that they control to enforce the law, breaking into the jail or annoying the guard will put player behind the bars.

Border with Bazaar[edit | edit source]

Main passages to the Bazaar are heavily controled, with enforced passport inspection at each entrance, with an inspector put in place. Player can acquire a passport on the course of Getting a Passport quest.