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Keycards are used to open electronically locked doors in Obenseuer, similar to Keys that unlock regular locks.

Overview[edit | edit source]

When player is having a keycard in their inventory, they will be able to interact with a respective lock next to the door, if keycard matches the lock, the doors will be unlocked allowing player to interact with them to open. Unlike keys, the keycards occupy regular inventory slots and therefor, can be lost.

In the current version, there is only one keycard that can be acquired, a Skeida Pharmacy Keycard. It can rarely be found among the Passmore's stock to be purchased for 63 OC. The kaycard grants access to two rooms inside the Skeida Pharmacy, the break room and the storage room, NPCs will not react negatively to player accessing the restricted areas.

Another lock-protected door are found at the top floor of Tenement B, however in the current version, there is no keycard to be acquired to unlock that door.

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