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This page contains information about upcoming content from version 0.3.39 - Mines Update, which may be incorrect in relation with current public release of the Obenseuer game.

Obenseuer Metro Logo.png

In Obenseuer, a metro network allows the player to travel between different district zones using Minitrains.

Overview[edit | edit source]

Ticket Machine
Obenseuer Metro (OSM) was built in abandoned S.N.W tunnels and former ore mines and has four lines in total. Due to service distruption, only the S1 - Central line is available to the player with only a handful of stations that player can visit, one for each district zone.

To enter a station, player must buy a ticket from a ticket machine that is found at all stations, a single ticket costs 25 OC and requires a valid Obenseuer Passport for authentication to allow player to enter the platforms, the passport itself is acquired on the course of Getting a Passport quest.

Since in the current version only one distric zone is present and available to the player, they can only enter the Trade Road Metro Station, however they will not be able to ride the train.

Map of all 4 lines and stations in central Obenseuer

Stations[edit | edit source]