Resource Recycling

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In Obenseuer, player can recycle various resources, found trash, byproducts and waste into usable materials or money

Recycling processes[edit | edit source]

  • Glass Bottles, Wine Bottles, Plastic Bottles and Beer Cans can be recycled using a Bottle Recycling Machine found in O-Market for OCs.
  • Glass Bottles, Wine Bottles and Mason Jars can be smashed into Glass Shards from within inventory or using a sledgehammer.
  • Glass Shards combined with Sand can be smelted into a Glass Pane using an Gas Furnace.
  • Organic matter, including Shit, Glowing Shit, Sawdust, Paper Trash, Crumbled Paper, Plant Matter, Moldy Pile, Junk Wood, Juniper Branches and Ash, can be turned into Fertile Soil or Biogas.
  • Waste like Ruined Mash, Glowing Ruined Mash, Bottoms, Glowing Bottoms or Sewage can be turned into Fertile Soil or Biogas.
  • Shit and Glowing Shit can be used in production of Feces Mash and Glowing Feces Mash, then producing in result Fecal Kilju and Fecal Mushroom Kilju.
  • Junk Wood can be grinded into a Sawdust.
  • Small Empty Tin Can, Large Empty Tin Can and Empty Sardine Can can be smelted into Steel Bar using a furnace.
  • Metal items can be smelted into bars of respective metal using a furnace. Except medallions, rings, earrings, nails, and pipes.
  • Plastic Trash can be used to refill Plastic Filament spool using a furnace.
  • Various doughs and certain mashes can be used to extract yeast in a Chemical Lab.
  • Various junk and waste items can be sold at One Stop Shop

Items that cannot be recycled[edit | edit source]

  • Cloth Scraps, however they can be sold at One Stop Shop.
  • Leather Scraps, however they can be sold at One Stop Shop.
  • Electronic Waste, however it can be sold at Decorative Plants & Pots stall.