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After completing Kurahaara Farmer quest, player can start growing any plants for Jomppe Kurahaara for profit. Farming job is a good way of making money in early game.

Overview[edit | edit source]

Any plant grown in the Greenhouse has a value based on its quality and type. Inside greenhouse, player is free to use seeds found on the table or in a chest behind Jomppe, or bring their own seeds themselves. After harvesting the crops, player can talk with Jomppe to give him the produce and receive OCs in return, Jomppe will take all crops from the inventory that were planted in the greenhouse.

Quality of crops is dependent on the player's skill in Farming, which can be raised by planting more crops, however large fields inside greenhouse provide less skill gain. The most valueable types of crops are Bell Peppers, Onions, Wheat and Rye.

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