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Renovations are one of the main aspects and objective of the Obenseuer, that become available as soon as player receives Tenement Blueprint from Malone Petronis.

Tenement Blueprint gives a wide range of renovations to start, individual apartments, their upgrades and utilities, general tenement upgrades and its utilities, basement upgrades and roof upgrades and outdoors upgrades. Renovations can be contracted to renovation contractors limited to the level of that contractor or blocked by requirements of other renovations.

Apartment renovations[edit | edit source]

Player's Tenement has currently 16 available apartments that can be renovated, that also includes the player's apartment and the apartment resided by Malone Petronis, remaning apartments can be rented to people looking for home in exchange for a stable income.

The apartment upgrades themselves can be split into general upgrades (Walls, Bathroom, Kitchen and Balconies) and utilities (Heating, Electricity and Water), which the latter may require tenement utilities first. It is advised to focus on preparing apartments for renting first, before player tackles renovations of their own or Malone's apartment.

Tenement renovations[edit | edit source]

The tenement itself has multiple key upgrades to perform, mainly the Stairwell renovations, that with each level, will unlock more floors, and Basement renovation, which allows to install utilities required in later apartment upgrades. It is very important to differentiate apartment utilities from tenement utilities when planning renovations.

Besides the two main upgrades, with unlocked basement, player can further renovate it, expanding it to a personal workshop, a public sauna and a mushroom farm. Unlocking all floors with the roof included, allows to start roof renovations. Player can also at any time renovate the outdoors, cleaning up the courtyard, renovating the facade and expanding the tenement with a pier and a canal sauna, which of those upgrades, some may be required by potential tenants.

In the current version, by default the tenement starts with Makeshift I level of Pier and Sauna upgrade.

Starting renovations[edit | edit source]

After acquiring Tenement Blueprint, player is able to talk to renovation contractors, starting with Tenement Contract Work! run by Samuel Jonasson. Upon interaction, player is given a choice which renovations to start, each requires player to gather resources and pay initial payment in OCs, finished renovation needs final payment in RMs to be applied in the tenement. Player can start multiple renovations concurrently and is free to hold on paying the final payment as long as they please. Higher level renovations will require player visiting new districts and finding a contractor with better skills there.

For apartment renovations, the player is required to fully examine that apartment by visiting every room, and cleaning it up from trash, furniture, contaminated materials, mold and graffiti, using the Cleaning Mode. Gathered furniture player can utilise for themselves.

Resources needed for renovations can be placed in the "Renovation Resources" chest located next to the contractor, it is wise to plan ahead and buy or find rarer resources in advance, as their availabily might be low when a time for renovation comes otherwise. Samuel Jonasson also accepts stolen resources for the renovations.

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