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Cleaning Mode is used to clean Player's Tenement from junk.

Overview[edit | edit source]

After acquiring a Tenement Blueprint from Malone Petronis, and fully examining a specific apartment, the player gains access to cleaning mode in said apartment. With cleaning mode, the player can take all furniture from that apartment for themselves and clean it. Cleaning is required before starting any renovations in that apartment. Cleaning Mode is accessible by default with the 'L' key.

To clean an apartment, the player must take out all of the furniture found inside, use Disinfectant to clear biohazards and trash bags, use Cleaning Spray to clean graffiti from walls, and Bleach to clear piles of mold. Cleaning Spray and Bleach can be bought at O-Market, while Disinfectant can be bought at Skeida Pharmacy. All three can also be found from looting while exploring.

Cleaning mode is also available at the Basement Sauna and the pool area once the player renovates the basement to Makeshift I level. However, cleaning the basement area is not required to start renovation.

Similar functionality is given to Building Mode at the Stairwell or inside Player's Apartment, where the cleaning process is the same.

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