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Player can lockpick various doors, lockers and suitcases using Lock picks.

Lockpicking[edit | edit source]

To lockpick, player has to equip the lock picks into the primary hand slot inside inventory and then interact with locked target. Player has to match the spinning indicator with the small area on the lock by pressing Left Mouse Button.

Each lock has a difficulty that determines the speed of the indicator, being drunk will increase the difficulty of the lock. Successful attempt will open the lock, failed ones will consume one lock pick. Some lockpicked locks will get replaced by new ones over time, requiring to lockpick them again, sometimes with a higher difficulty.

Lock pick can open locked doors, lockers and suitcases, they cannot open locked safes and cash registers. Not all doors and suitcases are also lockpickable, some require Keys or are permanently locked.

Skill[edit | edit source]

When lockpicking, player raises an associated skill, the higher the difficulty of the lockpicked lock, the larger the skill gain will be from successful attempts, failures also raise skill gain, but not as much as successful attempts. Higher level in Lockpicking makes the difficulty of the locks lower, making them easier to lockpick.

Getting Lock picks[edit | edit source]

Lock picks can be bought less commonly from Hardware Stall or rarely from One Stop Shop, although they might be too expensive to buy in early game. They can also be found from random loot during exploration or 5 lock picks can be crafted from a Scrap Metal and 25 can be from Sheet Metal on any Metalworking Workbench.

Strategies[edit | edit source]

To gain skill with limited amount of lock picks, player should focus on lockpicking the effortless, easy and moderated difficulty locks, player can utilise the fact the locks get replaced over time to train the skill further on easier difficulties. If player has only few lockpicks, it might be a better idea to safe those few on easy and effortless difficulty levels in early game.

Alternatively if player is able to afford, player can carry a large amount of lock picks and keep spamming the lockpicking interaction on higher difficulty locks until they are lockpicked by chances.

To increase skill gain from effortless and easy locks, player can get drunk beforehand to raise up the difficulty to medium, while still being manageable to pick.

Due to high price of lock picks, it might be a better idea to craft them yourself, one Metalworking Workbench - the Geared Head Drill - can be found on lower floor of Deekula B9 apartment, unlocked after starting Me Mash! or Priest's Debt quests. Due to their value, they can also be a good source of income from sales, provided that has an efficient way of crafting lock picks, like using a Metalworking Lathe bought from Samuel Jonasson.