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OsRat is a device found optionally on the course of Priest's Debt quest, used to access the Other Side.

Overview[edit | edit source]

The OsRat is found in the Deekula B2 apartment, accessible via a secret passage from B1 apartment powered by an Industrial Fuse.

To use the device, it must be placed in the primary hand slot, the device must be powered by a pack of AA batteries and requires having a Black Amulet.

When player is near dead bodies overgrown with Green Mushrooms or other entities seen only in the Other Side, the signal meter on the OsRat will increase, player can use the fully charged device to connect with the Other Side.

A recipe to craft another OsRat can be found nearby at the location where the original device is found.

Other Side[edit | edit source]

Main article: Other Side

While being in the Other Side, also known as the Wasteland, player can talk with dead people and collect Red Things, walking away from an entity in the Other Side player used to connect to, will force player to leave the Other Side.

Talking with dead people is usually quest-related and allows player to gather more information, it is used to gather additional information in Priest's Debt and Radio Signal quests, as well as it is needed to start Tunnel B2 quest.

Being in Other Side allows to collect Red Things that will decrease Fungal Disease and its progression, once collected orbs will respawn after one day.

Notable locations[edit | edit source]

  • Inside Deekula B1 apartment, near the Father Tobias' body.
  • Inside Deekula B3 apartment, near to the bathroom body.
  • Behind locked gate next to the control room of the Bergmann Tunnels, near the dead Mike's body.
  • Inside bricked off storage room behind B3 flooddoors.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • If player happens to clip through the ground and fall into the void, they will be teleported to a unique location in the Other Side, finding an exit will teleport player into the storage area of Tenement B.
  • Other Side can be briefly visited in INFRA at two occasions, once consuming a special coffee made by the MulEx CoPan coffee machine found on the Stormdrain level and once consuming a special tea after contacting Missing Dock guy under the 035 435 435 phone number at the Business level.