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This article is outdated, covering state of the game from pre-Overhaul, you can help by editing and updating the info!

There is a lot going on in Obenseuer and it can feel a little confusing, but don’t worry, this guide will help you with some basics.

Player Stats[edit | edit source]

There are ten main player stats, eight of those are displayed on the bottom left part of your screen when they differ from ideal values by 33% or more, changing their color gradually from green to pulsating red. Remaining two are special, but we'll talk about them later.

Depression[edit | edit source]


Depression is one of the main game "features". To get rid of depression just live a better life - grab a beer or pizza, sleep in a warm cozy place, etc. If nothing helps, you can also take depression medicine from pharmacy.

Smoke need[edit | edit source]


Nicotine addiction forces you to smoke another cigarette from time to time. Maximum smoke need won't kill you, but it will increase your depression. If you want to get rid of it completely just start smoking less (or stop smoking at all) and eventually it will go away.

Alcohol need[edit | edit source]


Alcohol addiction works basically the same way as a nicotine one, but there is a nice touch - being drunk also reduces your depression!

WC need[edit | edit source]


Shows you how much you need to visit that one special place. There are many toilets across the map, some of them are free, some are not. You can always skip it and pee yourself or crap your pants, but be aware that you eventually may die from shit seizure (yes, this is a thing).

Sleep need[edit | edit source]


That defines how tired you are. Be careful as you can collapse from exhaustion right on the street and that may lead to some unforeseen consequences.

Health[edit | edit source]


Pretty self-explanatory, health is good for not dying. To restore your health temporarily you can get painkillers. For more permanent solution visit a doctor (just don't eat turnip a day before that!).

Thirst[edit | edit source]


How thirsty you are. Drink water and/or alcohol and you'll be fine.

Hunger[edit | edit source]


How hungry you are. Eat some food, you turnip head!

SMV[edit | edit source]

Stalburg Mushroom Virus, or simply SMV, is a dangerous disease that awaits you in the world of Obenseuer. Disease progression level and progression rate are two hidden stats that you have no direct control of. Eating those funny looking mushrooms, drinking bad water or simply doing shady things like sleeping on the street may get you SMV infection. It will start slowly, but eventually it will kill you because there is no cure. You can, however, visit a doctor frequently to check for its progression and even perform a surgical removal of the surplus fungus that will buy you some time. Drinking pure ethanol or even methanol will also slow down SMV progression, but this is really dangerous for your health.

First Steps[edit | edit source]

You start with a border inspection. Answer those questions how you see fit, however it's advisable to ask border guy some questions yourself, who knows what you can get from him.


Your main task for the first night is to basically survive and for that you will need money. There are many ways to earn some Open Sewer Coins, but the easiest one is to do some bottle recycling. Right in front of the border inspection building you will see a couple of people, you may speak with them and they will give you a couple of quests along with some valuable information. O-Market is the first obvious place where you can get some precious money for those bottles and there is some food and drinks for you too. It's located just down the starting street. Bottle recycling is also a great way to explore Obenseuer! Keep in mind that dumpsters and trash bins are a valuable source of bottles and other stuff, check them regularly as all items in the game are randomly respawning from time to time. Avoid dangerous places such as canals, don't forget to watch your stats and you'll be fine.

Managing Your Tenement[edit | edit source]

Your tenement can become your main source of income and your base of operations, but you need to put some money and resources into it first. It would be wise to start with examining and preparing apartments to move in first tenants, leaving renovation of your own apartment for later while you safely sleep at the Hostel, some people are desperate enough that a simple upgrade of Makeshift Walls will meet their requirements, some may require additional bathroom or heating first. The most basic Makeshift Walls require 30 Planks, 30 Nails, 15 Scrap Metal, 4 Tape and 2 Tarps with an initial payment of 2000 OC and a final payment of 75 RM, may sound like a lot for the start, but collecting bottles, helping at the farm and selling unnecessary for now items will help you gather funds for the first upgrades. Materials can be found all over the place or bought at Hardware stall or One Stop Shop, you can also manufacture some yourself, like the planks made using a Sawbuck or a Table Saw. It is worth finding out what requirements people have, as the amount of apartments is limited and there is a lot of renovations to complete, so a lot of planning is advised and will be helpful.

Have Fun[edit | edit source]

Now you should have almost everything for a start and there are many things to explore and experience in the world of Open Sewer, so just go ahead and have fun! Don't forget to share all issues you find to the official OS bugtracker.