Item Laundering

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In Obenseuer, player may perform several actions to clean or utilise stolen items.

Processes[edit | edit source]

  • Stolen items can be washed off using Dishwasher Powder in a bought Dishwasher to clean the items ownership. The more valuable the item, the longer it takes to clean. However, the dishwasher cannot clean food and beverages.
  • Stolen raw and cooked meats can be grinded to Minced Meat and Sausages to clean the ownership.
  • Stolen metal items can be smelted back to ingots using a furnace to clean the ownership.
  • Stolen items can be used in crafting, producing items and furniture without ownership.
  • Stolen items can be used in renovations performed by Tenement Contract Work!.
  • Stolen watches, medicine, jewelry and metal items can be sold to Passmore for RMs.