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In Obenseuer, Jail is a place where the player is sent by the Police for committed Crimes.

The jail is located in the Residential district zone inside the Gatehouse, underneath a border checkpoint to the Bazaar.

Overview[edit | edit source]

When player is caught by the Police, they are placed to one of the two cells inside the jail. Player is provided with daily rations to keep them alive.

Player is overviewed by a guard posted in the jail, who can be called with a button inside the cell to ask for remaining sentence time, attempt to bribe them or ask for needed items. If the player calls the guard and says nothing too many times the guard will attack the player.

Player's personal items are taken away and put in a storage lockers next to the guard. Owned items the player had on them during imprisonment will be permanently taken away, unless they are placed inside the backpack. After player is released, they are free to take their personal items back from the lockers.

In the cell, to help to pass the time of served sentence, player can sleep, pass 2 hours with a game console or by reading an Osmo Olut magazine and pass 4 hours by scratching the wall or talking with Colton. Player has to have satisfied thirst, hunger and have a positive mental health to attempt those activities.

If player is taken to the second cell of the two, they can talk with Colton living in the cell's hole, passing time or browsing his vendor offer. The player can go between the two cells if they lockpick the vent and lockpick the other vent to access the other cell.

If the player calls the guard while in the opposite cell the were put into the guard will imprison the player again

Escaping[edit | edit source]

There are few ways to attempt an escape from the jail.

Under beds in both cells there is a small drain, which sometimes may contain Lock Picks, player may also supply it with Lock Picks themselves for the future imprisonment.

With lockpicks player may attempt to open the cell's door or the vent in the back of the cell. Vent is leading to a larger ventilation shaft that connects to a small cave mine, that if not prepared beforehand, will face player with locked gate.

Attempting to open the main cell's door will alert the guard, however the guard takes occasional naps, during which he will be unresponsive to the player. The Guard can still be alerted if player is caught on the camera. Player may disable the fuses next to the desk to disable camera, alarm system and guard's TV, turning off the TV when the guard is not asleep will make him imprison the player again. Player can escape the jail with a stairwell leading upstairs.

Player can open another one of the escape routes on the course of Getting a Passport quest, there they have to configure the Control Panel to open Main 02 gate as well as open a flood door on a lower floor of the control room, player may supply it with additional Hand Wheel to be openable from the other side. By doing so, player opens a path to a small cave which further connects with the ventilation shaft and the jail.