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Backpack is used to expand the size of player's inventory in Obenseuer.

Overview[edit | edit source]

When a backpack is placed inside the player's backpack slot, a button to open backpack's inventory will appear to the right of the slot. Pressing it opens and closes the backpack's inventory. The backpack has 24 slots of available inventory space.

In the current version, the inventory space of the backpack is universal between all found backpacks, meaning loosing a backpack will not lose the contents of said backpack. Finding another backpack will access the same inventory. Police do not see stolen items when they are placed inside a backpack's inventory.

Finding a backpack[edit | edit source]

Backpacks can rarely be found at One Stop Shop for 1440OC. It can also be found via exploration, having rare chances of spawning in Wooden Chests, Lockers, and Wardrobes.