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Public Phone at Market Square booth

Phone is a device used make calls in Obenseuer. There are two types of phones, public ones and private ones

Overview[edit | edit source]

Private Phone at Kolhola A19 apartment

To make a call, player has to interact with the phone and type the number they wish and then wait for receiver to answer, call is handled like any other dialogue with NPC.

Public phones cost 3 RM to use, if player did not select a number or hanged the call before it was answered, they will not need to pay again for the next call. Public phones also have network link access enabled, allowing them to call to anywhere in the Stalburg. One public phone is located in a booth at the Market Square, another one is located on the second floor of Kolhola A building.

Private phones are free of charge, but require breaking in to access them first, unlike public ones, these are limited to make calls only within Obenseuer network. One private phone is located inside Deekula B1 apartment, another one is located at a counter of Hostel Warehom and another one is located inside Kolhola A19 apartment.

Phone Numbers[edit | edit source]

Phone numbers can be read from Yellow Pages, found written in notes or on the posters.

List of all active phone numbers
Name Phone Number Network
Stalburg & Obenseuer Emergency Services 112 Obenseuer
Aziz's Kebab and Burger 062 792 005 Obenseuer
Osmo Olut Customer Service 010 138 2044 Obenseuer
Stalburg Bank 010 242 4096 Stalburg
Swamp Publishing LLC 010 689 0002 Obenseuer
David Lund 010 445 264 Obenseuer
Missing Dock 035 435 435 Obenseuer
Korso Hotel reservations team 010 337 426 Obenseuer

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • In INFRA, there are two more active phone numbers - 067 989 409, the number of Paul Lauwens the player calls automatically in scripted sequences, and 000 780 036, the number player deducts from switchboard inside Stalburg Steel office to hear a pre-recorded voicemail - neither of them is usable in Obenseuer game.