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In Obenseuer, player has an active bank account in Stalburg Bank.

Overview[edit | edit source]

Player can access the bank account after obtaining the debit card on the course of Missing Debitcard quest, using an ATM found next to the Skeida Pharmacy on the Market Square.

By default, player has 320 RM on their account and will receive 100 RM each week as part of the unemployment benefits. When interacting with an ATM, player can withdraw desired amount, but cannot deposit it.

Obtaining the debitcard[edit | edit source]

Upon first interaction with the ATM, player will receive the Missing Debitcard quest, tasked with finding a way to contact the bank to receive a new debitcard. Player can find contact information in the Payphone Booth found on the Market Square.

Successful conversation with consultant will give player a crafting recipe to craft a request letter that player can craft using a Copy Machine or a Printing Press. Crafted letter can be send using a public Mailbox on the Market Square and player has to wait up to a week to get a response from the bank.

Bank will send wrong forms the first time, forcing player to redo the previous step and resend the letter again, the second time bank responds player will receive a crafting recipe for a new type of letter to craft and send. Final response from the bank will give player a debitcard and an 150 RM invoice to pay using a Payment Machine next to the ATM inside the booth.