Furniture Crafting

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In Obenseuer, player can craft their own furniture as an alternative to buying it.

Overview[edit | edit source]

To craft furniture, player uses Work Table, one such can be found in Deekula A at Samuel Jonasson's workshop, another one can be found in Deekula B at workshop at lower floor of apartment B9 and another one can be found in Deekula C at Hank Möbelmann's workshop, player can also buy one Work Table at Samuel Jonasson's for 1595OC to place it inside Player's Tenement using Building Mode.

Player needs blueprints that can be found on the course of exploration, large amount of them spawns in Deekula A and Kolhola A buildings. Crafting may require regular materials or other furniture, that can also be bought from furniture vendors or gathered from cleaning Player's Tenement.

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