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Renting is one of the main systems in Obenseuer and a primary source of income that becomes available as soon as player receives a Tenement Blueprint from Malone Petronis.

Requirements[edit | edit source]

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Once the renovations of a specific apartments in the Player's Tenement are being done, player can start renting those apartments. Potential tenants are found all over the Residential district zone and each has a set of required upgrades, there are some that are willing to move in for the most basic upgrades, while others will expect fully finished apartments first. Some tenants due to their other requirements, may need additional upgrades, like the tenement utilities, which are not usually listed as a requirement by a specific resident, but is required to meet apartment utility requirements.

Especially important is a preference for apartment size, even if other requirements will be met, potential resident will not be rentable, which might be crucial in early game. Some residents may have preference for multiple different sizes, in that case, meeting any of them will allow to move them in.

Renting[edit | edit source]

Once requirements are met, the potential resident can start to move in, a process that takes 18 hours to complete, and only when it is completed, player can start gathering rent from that tenant. To rent an apartment, player has to talk with the potential tenant and select an apartment that meets their requirements. Occupied apartments cannot be rented again while the previous resident is still there, player has to evict that tenant first, taking 18 hours, before a new resident can be rented to that apartment. Once evicted tenants cannot be rented again. Evicting is done from the Tenement Tab.

Income[edit | edit source]

Rent is a combined income from all the player's resting tenants, in both OC and RM. Per resident, the rent is 1/200 of the apartment value added to the basic income of that resident in the respective currency, so the calculations for OCs require inclusion of currency exchange (1 RM ≈ 10 OC). If the resident is not receiving any basic income in specific currency, the apartment value in that currency will not be paid either, so those tenants will provide rent in only one currency.

The total rent is paid automatically every day at 20:00 with a proper notification, residents that are currently moving in or are being evicted, will not pay a rent. After having tenants settled, player can still increase the rent from them by increasing apartment value, which is dependent only on the apartment upgrades and utilities currently installed.

Player can preview what the basic income is when talking to potential tenant, however once they are rented, ability to preview their basic income will not be available anymore, instead player will be able to see a total rent from that tenant in the Tenement Tab, where they can also preview what the current values of the apartments are.

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