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Known Obenseuer issues:

  • Fuel slot of various solid fuel-based machines is grayed out/disabled; solution: save your game to a new slot, re-launch the game and load that slot; issue will be fixed in the next major update.
  • Apartment 2 in your Tenement cannot be visited and examined; answer: this location is kept for an future update where player will be able to set up their own shop.
  • Bazaar and Mines district zones cannot be accessed; answer: these locations are a subject of future updates and are not currently available.
  • Stuck on Abandoned Tenement, Getting a Passport, Glowstick Trail, Missing Dock, Orange Heaven, Radio Signal, Jacob's Daughter or Letter for Emilie Palmer quest; answer: these quests are not completable in the current version, as they are set to be continued in future updates.

Known INFRA issues:

  • Module Isle2, Business or Tenements is crashing the game during playthrough or when trying to save the game; solution: in the video settings, temporaly reduce either Texture Memory or Shaders Quality for the duration of this module.

Welcome to the Stalburg Wiki! This is a place where you can discuss INFRA and Obenseuer and share your knowledge about these games with fellow players, find an interesting page and start reading.

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