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In Obenseuer there are two active currencies in circulation; RM and OC, as the basis used for exchanging goods and services. In INFRA, both currencies play a much more minor role.

Both currencies tend to be found in dumpsters and trash bins in small amounts, while larger sums are found in Piggy Banks and Cash Boxes, as well as inside locked Safes.

RM Real Money (RM)[edit | edit source]

The nation-wide used Mark (Currency Marks.png), distributed both in coins and as a bills by the Monetary Bank of Stalburg, has a high monetary value in comparison to OC and is considered a precious commodity in Obenseuer, being highly desired. While worth roughly 10 OC per 1 RM, the local Money Exchange in Residential district zone provides a buying rate of 16,7 OC and selling rate of 9,8 OC. The RM is used usually as a final payment for tenement renovation contracts, to buy medicine, to use a payphone or as an alternative to OC to buy some commodities, such as an alcohol.

RM is usually given as a reward for completing quests for various people. It can also be earned by selling mash to Pentti Penttilä, trading with Passmore, or delivering pizza to Sam Morton. RM can be received as a part of daily rent from certain tenants. The player also receives a weekly 100 RM in unemployment benefits deposited directly onto their bank account, which can be withdrawn using an ATM once in possession of a debit card.

Worthless counterfeit money printed by the people in the Obenseuer can be also found in various dumpsters, trash bins, and storages.

In some parts of Obenseuer, such as Turnip Hill, the RM coins are also known as the "Normal Coins" (NC).

OC Open Sewer Coins (OC)[edit | edit source]

A locally enforced exchange-based currency, distributed as a coins made out of brass with an engraved "Open Sewer" insignia on both sides. It has a very low monetary value in comparison to RM and is the basis of the economy in Obenseuer, being the primary medium of monetary exchange for buying goods. While worth roughly 0,1 RM, the local Money Exchange provides a lower selling rate of 0,06 RM. The currency is accepted only in a few places outside of Obenseuer.

OC can be earned from general trading with various vendors, growing crops at the Greenhouse farm for Jomppe Kurahaara, working as a telemarketer, or recycling empty bottles and beer cans at O-Market. OC is also part of the basic income of potential tenants, which the player can receive as a part of daily rent.

A recipe to craft one's own coins can be obtained after breaking into the apartment A17 of Kolhola A building. The recipe requires one bar of brass, and one bag of green mushrooms of any potency, resulting in 99 OC and one pile of brass shavings.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Exchange rate from TSL Mark to US Dollar in 1988 was equal to 1,235.
  • In 2016, a 1 RM was worth roughly 4 OCs, making the value of the OC over a span of 10 years to drop by 60%.
  • In 2026, a 1 kilogram bar of 999,9 fine gold costs 46 300 Currency Marks.png.