Telemarketing Job

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Entrance with a doorbell to OS Telemarketing Company office in Kolhola A

Player can start working at OS Telemarketing Company to spend time and earn OCs as a telemarketer.

Overview[edit | edit source]

A ready workstation to start the job

To get the job first, player has to visit OS Telemarketing Company office in Kolhola A building under A4 address and interact with doorbell. Upon being accepted, player can start the job between 6:00 and 12:00 AM and work for 8 hours straight by interacting with one of the not occupied computers that are on.

By doing the job, the mental health is affected negatively, while the Bribery skill is gained. By default player earns 45 OC per hour, the amount the player earns from doing the job increases based on the skill level of bribery.

Starting the telemarketing job is also a way to legally gain access to OS Telemarketing Company office without a need of lockpicking the front door.