Alcohol Brewing

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In Obenseuer, player can brew alcohols on the course of multi-step process.

Player can turn raw products into a mash, ferment that mash into alcohols and distill those alcohols into stronger ones. Player can also make their own Malts from Wheat.

Overview[edit | edit source]

Each step has a dedicated equipment player can craft or buy and place inside Player's Tenement or find in the world owned by other NPCs. Unlike regular crafting, player can scale up the process by providing the correct ratio of ingredients within the capacity of that brewing equipment. Larger batches of the same recipe will take the same amount of time as a smaller batch would, which is crucial when planning the production.

Each step also has an associated skill. Player can sell produced alcohols to Teuvo Skogman at the Cold Drinks stall at the Market Square.

Mashing[edit | edit source]

Mashing is the first step of brewing, it is done using a Mashing Barrel, that needs fuel, or a Mashing Kettle, that needs electricity. Player can either find recipes for various mashes or guess them once all ingredients are placed inside machine's storage. Failed process will produce Ruined Mash which can be recycled in Composting. Once process finishes, player gains skill in Mashing.

Produced mash is stored in fluid containers and needs to be refrigerated to preserve it. After completing Me Mash! quest, player can sell the mash to Pentti Penttilä at the Speakeasy Bar, the selling value is dependent on quality, that is dependent on the skill in mashing.

Fermenting[edit | edit source]

Fermenting is the second step of brewing and will produce a ready alcohol, it is done using a Fermenting Barrel, a Fermenting Bucket or a Fermenting Container. To start the process, player needs to put in any mash they have. Fermenting, unlike other steps, takes several days to finish, so doing a large batch at the same time is desirable. Once process finishes, player gains skill in Brewing.

Distilling[edit | edit source]

Optional step to produce stronger alcohols, it is done using a Small Moonshine Distillery or a Medium Moonshine Distillery, those that player can craft or buy are powered by electricity, however player can find in the world distilleries that require fuel to operate. To start the process, player needs to put in any alcohol they have, if alcohol can be distilled further, the recipe will be revealed. Once process finishes, player gains skill in Distilling.