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MörköBot is a bot developed for the INFRA Discord server, developed and maintained by CitadelCore.

Common commands[edit | edit source]

Typical Commands, usable by everyone.

!help - Displays a list of commands.

!showid - Shows your Discord ID.

Open Sewer Commands[edit | edit source]

!increment - Increases the event counter, gives you One Open Sewer coin and a random amount of XP, which gets higher the nearer the event is.

!buy - Opens The Open Sewer Shop.

!buy <"item"> - Buys a Specific item from the shop, make sure to spell it correctly and wrap it in "".

!use <"item"> - Lets you use a specific item you bought. This will add XP to your level.

!inventory - Lets you see what you have left in your inventory.

!xp - Will show you your current level and XP status.

!coins - Shows you how many Open Sewer Coins you have left.

INFRA commands[edit | edit source]

Commands regarding the Game

!listmaps - Displays a list of all maps you can use with !mapinfo.

!mapinfo <mapname> - Displays information for a specified INFRA or verified mod map.

Playtest commands[edit | edit source]

Commands for Playtesting

!ptcode - Private messages the playtesting code to you. You must have the Playtester role and must send this command in the Playtesting channel.

Moderation commands[edit | edit source]

Commands for Moderators/Admins

!vroleadd - Adds a "Vanity Role" to a specified user. Moderators upwards can add any vanity role, with the exception of Playtester, which may only be added by Discord Admins, Global Admins and Loiste Staff. This command should be used instead of manually adding the role to a user, since moderators do not have permission to manage user roles by default.

!vroledel - Removes a "Vanity Role" from a specified user. Must obey the same permission convention as above.

!kick <username/nickname> - Kicks the specified user from the server.

!ban <username/nickname> <duration in days> <reason> - Bans the specified user from the server. Specify 0 as a duration for an infinite ban. The reason must be enclosed in quotes.

!unban <username> - Unbans the specified user from the server.

Not all commands are listed here. Some of them are restricted, and some only available to those who know them...