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The INFRA Unofficial Photobook was released on June 16, 2021 by INFRA discord member bmwcrazy456, including "over 150 photos, I think there are around 200 total." It can be accessed at: [link will be updated eventually...]

Content[edit | edit source]

The book includes a 2 page spread for each INFRA level which includes information on the story and lore in that level as well as the total number of Geocaches, Missable Achievements, Repair Points, and so on. It also includes two introductory pages to INFRA. The project was started on May 28th and the first edition was released on June 16 of the same year. A second edition has been confirmed to contain more information on the lore.

From C2M1:[edit | edit source]

The section of Hammer Valley above the Hammer Valley Dam shows signs of life, yet not many. An old power plant appears to serve the area, yet the last record of occupancy is from 2003 - some 13 years before. There is a nearby village, but every door is locked and there are few signs of recent human habitation. Nearby railroad tracks are still in use, yet blocked by a tree that likely fell in a storm the previous night. Many areas here are completely optional, but still feature a jump start into INFRA's vast amounts of lore. Look closely at paths into the woods, for each path holds some secrets.

From C5M2:[edit | edit source]

A small electric motor factory opened on the canal, and for a time, did well enough at keeping the place clean. But someone sabotaged the sluice gates, and industrial pollution began to seep out. Thanks to the protests of Greenwar and the local residents, the factory was soon shut  down. But the sewage and smell remained, and the protests did not stop.

Squatters moved into a nearby building, members of the Interne.ts political party. Lately, though, they had grown paranoid over information revealed on a web server.

Those who moved into the factory, however, had less elaborate tricks - all they wanted to do was grow the better mushroom.