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The body message is a long-running key element of the INFRA ARG, the first ever element of it that was discovered.

It's located in reserve3 and is a code written on the sheet which covers a corpse in a side building.

Blue Question.svg The body itself is likely Albert Hartman.

The code within it corresponds to keys for solving the Bunker computer code and Wasteland notes.

The Message[edit | edit source]

The code sequence written on the body is:

B1 C3 F1 B2 F2 C4 E4 G3 B2 G1 F4 B4 B2 G1 G2

Which (currently) translates to:

I will (F1(show/share/...?)) the truth (C4(if?)) (E4(you?)) tell the right answer to the right person.

It is currently unknown what the "answer" is, but a hint suggests it is three words (see F4).

🔑 The entire body message revolves around a series of alphanumeric references, which correspond to words that have been found in INFRA maps and textures. The following is a table containing all of the current keys and their corresponding words.

Key Word Source Location Verification
A1 WHAT control_panel_003-6.vtf reserve2 Confirmed
A2 HAPPENED control_panel_003-6.vtf reserve2 Confirmed
A3 TO control_panel_003-6.vtf reserve2 Confirmed (See note 3.)
A4 AH control_panel_003-6.vtf reserve2 Confirmed
B1* I railroad_signal_control_box.vtf reserve1 Confirmed
B2* THE electricalbox_012.vtf, metro_control_panel_001.vtf tunnel2 Confirmed
B3 IN puzzle_box_009.vtf, electricalbox_001.vtf, metro_control_panel_001.vtf tunnel4 Confirmed
B4* TO electricalbox_012.vtf tunnel2 Confirmed
C1 IS fuses_02.vtf reserve1 Confirmed
C2 Blue Question.svg OCEAN sign_14_skin7.vtf bunker Unconfirmed (see below)
C3* WILL metro_control_panel_001.vtf central Confirmed
C4* Blue Question.svg IF - - Speculation
D1 Blue Question.svg OTHER WORLD Bunker Drawing - Unconfirmed
D2 - - - -
D3 - - - -
D4 - - - -
E1 IS electricalbox_001.vtf reserve1 Confirmed
E2 - - - -
E3 - - - -
E4* Blue Question.svg ?O / YOU - - Partial through Bunker computer code; speculation
F1* Blue Question.svg SH?? / SHOW - Partial through Bunker computer code; speculation (See note 4.)
F2* TRUTH hallway_f2.vtf Unused Confirmed
F3 - - - -
F4* ANSWER bunker_room_005.vtf bunker Confirmed? (See note 1.)
G1* RIGHT scientific_table_001_skin3.vtf watertreatment Confirmed from Letter box
G2* PERSON scientific_table_001_skin3.vtf watertreatment Confirmed from Letter box
G3* TELL scientific_table_001_skin3.vtf watertreatment Confirmed from Letter box
G4 Blue Question.svg SON; INSIDE scientific_table_001_skin3.vtf; bunker_room_001.vtf watertreatment Unconfirmed
H1 - - - -
H2 - - - -
H3 - - - -
H4 ????E - - Partial through Bunker computer code. (See note 2.)

Notes[edit | edit source]

  1. F4 is a unique instance in which there's conflicting information on what the word should be. In reserve2, near the bird lookout spot, there is writing on the info-board about Hammer Valley birds which claims "F4 3 words", yet the bunker computer code requires it to be "answer". But as the note on the info-board is localized for different game languages, it seems likely that the information is about the answer. Blue Question.svg The Reactor lights code might be the answer, as its decoded message reads "world is lie", which matches the meta information.
  2. Although the bunker computer code requires H4.5=E, it is worth mentioning that 0x45 is the ASCII code for E.
  3. The bunker computer code requires A3.2=C.
  4. The second reference table of the bunker computer code contains the line Body Message Question Show Truth, which supports F1=SHOW. Blue Question.svg This poses the question what the correct question is.

Hint from Zuntti[edit | edit source]

The hint Zuntti gave us for this "code segment" is Zuntti-avatar.jpg "BUN_BREAKER_CEN_CONTROL_VI_OFFICE_RE_SNW". There are four clues here, each representing a location or map in INFRA.

"Bunker breaker, central control (room) (the control room in Central), Villa office, Reactor SNW (area)?"

Bunker breaker[edit | edit source]

This clue refers to the breakers outside the Bunker, in the Servicetunnel map. This has been confirmed by Zuntti's screenshot.
Possibilities here are the signs on the breakers themselves which have small text as follows:

(Breaker 1, sign_14_skin5) Main text: TGD-SBC-4, small text: BR4 TGDNUM PO7 TGD1
(Breaker 2, sign_14_skin7) Main text: HW-SBC-2, small text: BR4 HWNUM+1 O34 C87 EA2 N6

TGD could mean Two Gorges Dam, and HW is probably Hammer Valley Water Dam. Both breaker small texts have a "NUM" on them, prefixed by their name, with 1 being added to HWNUM.
Another possibility was the book with the bunker codes (binder_002_skin6), however some codes are completely illegible and decoding with several bases does not result in anything of note.
Reading only the letters on breaker 2 reveals word "OCEAN". The breaker is assigned with number 2 so HWNUM+1 could be 3.

Central control[edit | edit source]

This clue refers to the control room in Central, where there are a few code possibilities. It contains the codes B1, B2, B3, B4 and C3.

Morse[edit | edit source]

The first one is the Central projector morse, which does not produce a code but a message/clue about "the right person".

Pegboard[edit | edit source]

The second one is the pegboard, which has two possibilities of its own: the pegs, the markers behind, and the unrelated notes stuck to the pegboard.
(Click this image for a HD, zoomable view.)

Metro control panel 001.png

Pegs[edit | edit source]

These are the pegboard pegs, transcribed.

E means empty, P means peg and M means peg with marker.

(E for 2 lines)
(E for 4 lines)
(E for 2 lines)
(E for 2 lines)
Peg Counts[edit | edit source]

4 blocks, with 4 rows each. Not counting the last two rows:

  • M+P+E - 24 slots per row and block, 96 slots in total per row
  • M+P - 40 per row
    • when removing E from the rows, and comparing M and P pairwise between the rows, 15 of the 40 places have the same M or P between the rows, 25 are different
    • when removing E from the rows, and splitting between slots that diverge from the alternating MP pattern, you get 10 groups
  • M - 21 in the first row, 19 in the second row, 40 total
  • P - 19 in the first row, 21 in the second row, 40 total
  • E - 56 per row
Notes[edit | edit source]
Note 1[edit | edit source]

Pegboard note 1.png

RT 34968 BG 125675567
HK 675756 B1 = I KK 32
32123 B2 = the 1231324
123 B3 = in 364363463
B4 = TO 423424234 423
54353 C3 = 1(KKKKKKKK)
W1I1L1L1 = RIGHT tr45
YTIT NOT B5675675567
Maybe YTWE 91267867

Removing the clutter, we can solve B1, B2, B3, B4, and C3:

B1 = I
B2 = the
B3 = in
B4 = TO
Note 2[edit | edit source]

Pegboard note 2.png

CODE: 13523523578
I have no idea what is
the stuff you know thats
im out of for (unreadable)
Note 3[edit | edit source]

Pegboard note 3.png

This note was created using the font Blackadder ITC.

Metro f mir dlhl by **
f****f ***** (SMW***/SMT***/suljettu)
I'm different in f**f*** ***
täs mitää
Ei tää mitää meinaa
E3 *
CODE 4 4 * 4 * (or CODE 34 64 5 64 66)

Villa office[edit | edit source]

See Villa woodboxes.

Reactor SNW[edit | edit source]

This clue refers to the secret SNW area of the Reactor map. The Reactor lights code is present here but only seems to be connected to the Wasteland notes.

The control panels in the SNW control room contain the codes A1, A2, A3 and A4.

References[edit | edit source]

  • Finale has done a lot of work on uncovering this information on the ARG, see his Steam guide for the initial information.