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This article lists minor characters who have no direct or a minor influence on the INFRA story.

Bergmann Group[edit | edit source]

J.K.[edit | edit source]

A individual only known by his initials, J.K., was an employee of the power plant connected to the Bergmann water tunnels, and the unnamed power plant in Hammer Valley. Presumably, he was Erik's replacement after Erik was injured following an accident with one of the generators, possibly caused by Robin. J.K. quickly became frustrated by Robin's irresponsible behavior, and was relieved when the powerplant eventually had to shutdown.

J.K. was later reassigned to the Hammer Valley powerstation, where his signature can be seen in the station's maintenance log. J.K. was the last person responsible for maintaining the powerplant in the past 13 years.

Stalburg Water[edit | edit source]

Roman Banis[edit | edit source]

Roman Banis is the CEO of Stalburg Water. Banis in indirectly responsible for Stalburg's water contamination problem, neglecting to acknowledge the many problems with multiple water plants in Stalburg. Banis' preferred method of contact is email, and he rarely shows up in person to inspect the facilities. Emails from him can be discovered at the Pitheath and Central Water Plants, where he will comment on their states depending on whether Mark fixed them or not.

Depending on the ending of INFRA, Banis may either remain the CEO of Stalburg Water, or be arrested for multiple financial offences, and replaced by Elena Farkas.

Tomas Balog[edit | edit source]

Tomas Balog is an employee at the Stalburg Central Water Plant. Balog is deeply concerned with the quality of water and found documents that make it evident members of Stalburg Water's board of directors were being bribed into approving the construction of a uranium mine near a lake where fresh water is sourced.

Access to Balog's office and subsequently these documents will only be possible if Mark repaired the Pitheath Water Treatment Plant.

Marko[edit | edit source]

Marko is an employee of the Stalburg Water Company who was assigned to work at the Pine Fell Water Plant. At some point, Marko sent water samples to be analyzed for contamination to the Pitheath Water Treatment Plant, the results were received by his unnamed co-worker, who wrote the amount of metal and bacteria was far beyond the safety margin for drinking water. Despite this, he told Marko not to tell anyone over fear of losing their jobs.

Maxim[edit | edit source]

Maxim is an employee of Stalburg Water only briefly mentioned as the recipent of a tablet's chat log in the Pitheath Water Treatment Plant's offices. The tablet's owner converses with Maxim about the mushroom infested water tunnels, and how they've been neglected for over 10 years.

S.N.W.[edit | edit source]

Richard[edit | edit source]

Richard was a scientist and possible member of the Stalburg Atomic Research team working in the S.N.W. bunker. He became unhinged and started doing strange things inside the bunker prior to it's evacuation. He is mentioned in a note inside the bunker's laboratory, in which his colleague criticizes him for using a screwdriver to support a demon core over its reflector. His actions reflect the ones of real life physicist, Louis Slotin.

Richard is mentioned again in a diary inside of the accommodation wing, in which an observer notes Richard has begun to develop strange erratic behavior, and began doing something in his room. The extent of Richard's insanity can be seen in his room, in which he's painted several murals of Mörkö and used a sledgehammer to open a hidden crawlspace containing a computer next to his room.

  • Thursday 16: Richard is noted as having an "unsettling gaze", other scientist and guards are uncomfortable around him, and banging and "other disturbing noise" can be heard from his room at night.
  • Friday 17: Richard is noted to have stolen paint cans from the bunker's storage. Observer notes that he can see "a dark silhouette of a human figure" in the hallway between his and Richard's room.
  • Sunday 19: Metro accident occurs. Richard has disappeared, and is noted that something happened in his room.
  • Monday 20: Xeander Berg escapes. Observer notes that he wants to see what's in Richard's room.

Edvin[edit | edit source]

Edvin is the manager of the Black Rock Nuclear Power Plant, and is involved with S.N.W. He's aware of the bunker's existence, and was likely S.N.W.'s inside man for stealing nuclear material to create weapons. Recently, employees of the powerplant were beginning to suspect something when Edvin began acting strange during the construction of the NPP's 3rd reactor. Edvin provides Mark and Paul with instructions on how to prevent a meltdown, and will be surprised if Mark confronts him about hiding something. If Mark successfully disengages the reactor, Edvin will celebrate their success and offers Mark his position as manager.

Edvin is voiced by Andrew Hindle.

Hans Magnusson[edit | edit source]

Captain Magnusson is a steamboat ship captain who was complicit in letting S.N.W. hold confidential meetings aboard his ship. He describes himself as a patriot, and is very attached to his ship that S.N.W. allowed him to keep it despite the incriminating documents left behind. Magnusson himself can be seen sleeping in an inaccessible room on the ship, and shares the same male model as many other NPCs in the game.

Unaffiliated[edit | edit source]

Lukas[edit | edit source]

Lukas was an explorer who was trying to find his way down to Bergmann tunnles with his friend, Hanss. He met with Erik in Pine Fell Waterplant who warned him about the dangers of the tunnel. Lukas dismisses the stories as urban legend however, and was more eager to find the green mushroom caves Erik mentioned. Lukas made his way down into the Bergmann tunnels using the water plant's elevator, where in the tunnels he went into tunnel B2 and likely met his fate in the hands of Mörkö.

Hanss[edit | edit source]

Hanss was a friend of Lukas, several notes were addressed to him that indicated they were supposed to explore the Bergmann Water Tunnels together. It is unknown if Hanss ever followed Lukas down into tunnel B2.

Ervin[edit | edit source]

Ervin is an employee of the coal-fired powerstation in West Stalburg. He worked alongside Robin for sometime, and was struggling to deal with Robin's incompetence and habait of breaking everything. Eventually, Ervin appears to have taken less shifts at the powerstation.