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Map Name tunnel4
BSP Name infra_c3_m4_tunnel4
Stalburg Map tunnel4
Photo Spots 33
Corruption Spots 7
Repair Spots 1
Mistake Spots 1
Geocaches 1
Water Flow Meters 1
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The final section of the Bergmann tunnels surveyed by Mark. It visits a power plants containing several hydroelectric generators, and the construction site of an abandoned section of tunnels. This map continues the action sequence from the previous map, and features the first unmissable sightings of green mushrooms.

Story[edit | edit source]

Prior to the events of INFRA, the Bergmann Group was acquired by Walter Co. following a buyout. During their ownership, Walter Co. was to continue the construction of a new water tunnel with a 25 year-long maintenance plan. Several issues arose during this time, mainly Walter Co. moving most workers onto other projects, and providing inferior and dangerous working conditions for the existing workers, which eventually became publicized. Following the bankruptcy of the Bergmann Group, the construction project was never finished, and the minor tunnels around the site began to collapse.

At some point, Eric Kleinmann left a note for an associate of his in the old excavation site, asking him to procure dynamite for Alex Hartman and to continue to spy on Max Koller, believing it will lead them to Jeff Walter.

A power plant connecting the old and unfinished tunnels was maintained by Erik and Robin. Before Erik's retirement, him and Robin were caretakers of this section of tunnels. Erik and Robin had found patches of strange bio-luminescent green mushrooms, which have proliferated after the abandonment of the tunnels. Erik planned on harvesting these mushrooms, letting Robin know. Some time later, Erik suffered an accident attempting to repair generator G2 and was sent to the hospital. A replacement engineer that went by the initials "J.K." was hired to maintain the tunnels with Robin. J.K. slowly lost his patience with Robin over the months, and became relieved when the plant shut down and he wouldn't have to deal with Robin anymore. J.K. would later be re-assigned to another power plant near Hammer Valley Dam.

During Mark's inspection of the area, he sails through the caves and inevitably crashes the dock by the power plant. The path ahead is blocked by a flood door, forcing Mark to find a way to restore power to the area. Further along he reaches the unfinished tunnels, and must excavate a path using dynamite and climb up scaffolding to progress. The condition of the tunnels further on is just as worse, one section's ceiling totally caved-in, and the adjacent hallway being flooded and electrified. Mark perseveres and traverses the hall, finding a ladder that leads him out of the tunnels to a building on the surface, just outside of Stalburg Steel.

Locations[edit | edit source]

Bergmann Power Plant[edit | edit source]

The Bergmann power plant contains a set set of hydroelectric generators that control and use the flow of water through the tunnels to generate electricity for the city, namely the steel mill and other minor industrial sectors. The company came into financial trouble when Stalburg Steel closed down, no longer having a major client to sell their electricity to.

Unfinished Bergmann Tunnel[edit | edit source]

The new Bergmann Tunnel was an ambitious construction project aiming to rejuvenate the failing structure of the tunnel, add new advanced control rooms, and increase tunnel flow. The construction was going well until the company ran into financial issues with their major client going under, and their new management at Walter Co. mismanaging and halting construction completely. The use of dynamite in the excavation of the new tunnels also lead to severe disturbance of the older tunnels, leading to the collapse. As the company went went bankrupt, the tunnels and construction were abandoned.

Achievements[edit | edit source]

Icon Name Description
Ach forgottenworld.jpg Forgotten World Complete the chapter "Forgotten World".
Ach Demolitionist.jpg Demolitionist Make your own tunnel in the Bergmann water tunnels.

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • A mask resembling the one worn by Mörkö can be seen by a blocked-off passage in the mushroom-infested caves.
  • In the power plant, there's a catwalk leading to a derelict building overrun by foliage. Here an unsettling depiction of Mörkö can be found painted on the wall, cued by a stinger.