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Loiste Interactive Game
Release Date TBA
Price TBA
Status Unreleased
Steam Page Unknown
Genre(s) Strategic
Engine Lumberyard
Mode(s) Single-player

VALTA is an upcoming game that will be a concretepunk/dieselpunk strategy with emphasis on society and economics.[1]

Two hundred years into future civilization has — besides one exception — shattered into tiny city states, and vast wastes ruled by bandits and tribes. Without law and organization, there is no advanced technology, all what we have is manufactured in workshops with crude tools, and whats left of the prosperous past — but they're reserved for the elite! Can you, and your people, set the path towards brighter future?

It was confirmed by Oskutin that VALTA will make some references to INFRA.[2]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Beer brand from INFRA - Osmo Olut presents on concept arts and will make appearance in VALTA;
  • the V-flag seen in INFRA is referenced as one of societies in VALTA[3] that is more prosperous and hightech as well as uses the finest granite, steel and concrete.[4]

Gallery[edit | edit source]

References[edit | edit source]

  1. Oskutin: Valta is more strategic, with more emphasis on society and economics than warfare.
  2. Oskutin: (...) people who have played INFRA will find some references.
  3. Oskutin: (...) the first image posted portrays completely different society which is (V-society) and rest are not (V-society).
  4. Oskutin: (V-society) uses the finest granite and steel; and finest concrete.