INFRA: Underground

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INFRA: Underground
Underground Dev Team
Release Date 13 June 2022
Price Free
Status Released
Steam Page None
Genre(s) First-person, adventure
Engine Source
Mode(s) Single-player

This article is a semi-stub! Please contribute as not much is written about the lore.

INFRA: Underground is a fan-made mod for INFRA that was released June 12. It is a spinoff of Remnants of the Old World, with the development team featuring many developers involved with Remnants as well as re-purposing maps created for Remnants.

Lore[edit | edit source]

INFRA: Underground follows one main character (outside of the INFRA canon, a Mr. Erkki Torava.

Game[edit | edit source]

INFRA: Underground has five maps, known as:

  • The House
  • Underground
  • Tunnels
  •  ????
  • Ending

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