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INFRA: Underground
Underground Dev Team
File:INFRA: Underground.png
Release Date 13 June 2022
Price Free
Status Released
Steam Page None
Genre(s) First-person, adventure
Engine Source
Mode(s) Single-player

INFRA: Underground is a fan-made mod for INFRA that was released 13 June 2022. It is a spinoff of Remnants of the Old World, with the development team featuring many developers involved with Remnants as well as re-purposing maps created for Remnants.

Lore[edit | edit source]

INFRA: Underground follows the protagonist, Markku Siltanen, several months after the main events of INFRA

Story[edit | edit source]

The House

INFRA: Underground begins with the protagonist, Mark, arriving at Raft Isle to survey a house owned by Erkki Törävä to inspect damages done by a recent storm. Upon entering the house, Mark soon uncovers a secret room full of green mushrooms. He ventures further, but is trapped and rendered unconscious by Törävä, who remotely informs Mark that he shouldn’t have wondered off from his survey.


Mark awakens in a room in the underground, a note is slid underneath the door from an individual who recognised Mark when Törävä brought him in and remembered his acts during the events of INFRA. After leaving the room with the now unlocked door, he reaches the Stal-Bio offices. He further progresses and reaches an improvised green mushroom farm.


Mark traverses maintenance tunnels before reaching the South Helens Metro Station, long since abandoned. Escaping through an access tunnel, Mark enters mushroom infested garages before reaching another maintenance tunnel with an accompanying minitrain. Upon using the minitrain, Mark sees Mörkö on the tracks in front of him. The screen fades to black at the moment of the collision.


Mark awakens in a cave full of mushrooms, presumed to be a hallucination, at the end of the tunnels, UGU is found but later replaced with a floating green mushroom, which Mark eats to end the “hallucination”. He finds himself on train tracks with a metro train fast approaching. With a near miss, Mark exits the tunnels, where he is greeted with the voice of Jasmine Crow, who asks him to place his camera on a train and allows him to leave.


Mark is in an apartment building near the centre of Stalburg, a newspaper informs Mark that Törävä has been arrested. The radio plays an interview featuring Jasmine Crow, who details the conspiracy involving Törävä and Stal-Bio’s involvement in the illness surrounding the South Helens region of Stalburg.

After the interview ends, the credits roll…

Timeline of Events[edit | edit source]

1940s or 1950s
  • Rosaliina Törävä is born.
Between 1957 and 1958
  • Erkki Törävä and Lauri Törävä are born.
1960s or 1970s
  • Erkki and Lauri Törävä run off, their sister Rosaliina finds them and takes all their money in exchange for not telling their parents.
  • Erkki Törävä graduates from Stalburg University with a PhD in biochemistry.
Mid 1990s
  • Erkki Törävä becomes one of Stalburg's leading entrepreneurs.
  • Autumn: Sarris Medical is successfully acquired by Merck.
  • January: StalBio is founded by Erkki Törävä.
  • February 11: Stalburg Times publishes the article "StalBio: A company for the 21st century".
  • Lauri Törävä dies of Stalburg Mushroom Virus, this event causes a lot of distress for his brother Erkki Törävä, this decline in mental health was noticed by their sister, Rosaliina Törävä.
  • StalBio goes bankrupt.
  • May 26: A page of Erkki Törävä's notes on Stalburg Mushroom Virus is written.
  • September 14: Ellen Dinali inspects the Stalburg Mass Transit Auxiliary Tunnel.
  • December 4: Stalburg Times publishes the article "South Helens Metro Station to Close".
  • Late January: South Helens Metro Station closes.
  • April 1: Mörkö is released.
  • September 27: Experts express concern over the spike in illness in Helen's point, this illness was caused by Erkki Törävä's continuing experiments in Stalburg Mushroom Virus.
  • September 28: Stalburg Times publishes the article "Spike in illnesses raises concerns".
  • October 1: The events of INFRA: Underground begin.
  • October 7: Stalburg Times publishes the article "Erkki Törävä sought in Helens Point Investigation".
  • October 7: The epilogue of INFRA: Underground takes place.

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