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Remnants of the Old World is a 3-chapter, 17-map expansion for INFRA, by the mapper CitadelCore. Old World details Mark exploring lost tunnels and a bunker abandoned for ages, a deserted part of Stalburg named Juosta St, and the tunnels beneath it. Mark also explores a laboratory, and uncovers questionable ethical practices by the staff.

Remnants of the Old World will be released an indeterminate time after Part 3 releases, since it uses Part 3 assets.

Map List[edit | edit source]

Screenshot Significant Locations Map Name Detail Progress Chapter
Chapter 1: The Journey Begins

Abandoned bunker

Utility tunnels

descent Mark gets instructions from his boss, and starts to explore the underground bunker. But things start to go horribly wrong...

In Progress

(Feature addition)

1: The Journey Begins
Coming soon.png

Server room

Stalburg Business Bank

bank Mark finds himself in the Stalburg Business Bank, as the storm gets heavier outside...

In Progress

(Feature addition)

1: The Journey Begins
House.png Abandoned house house Mark finds himself in a small courtyard of houses in Juosta St, and explores a luxury house. Something happens in the house; time is running out.

In Progress


1: The Journey Begins
Coming soon.png Streets of Juosta St street [REDACTED]

In Progress

(Initial Frameworking)

1: The Journey Begins
Coming soon.png

The Sinkhole


sinkhole [REDACTED] Not Started 1: The Journey Begins
Chapter 2: The Professor's Downfall
Chapter 3: Ten Seconds to Singularity

Playtesting[edit | edit source]

If you'd like to help playtest one or more of these maps, please contact CitadelCore via the INFRA Discord.

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