Remnants of the Old World

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Remnants of the Old World
Remnants Dev Team
mapimage:Remnants of the Old World
Release Date N/A
Price Free
Status Cancelled
Steam Page None
Genre(s) First-person, adventure
Engine Source
Mode(s) Single-player

Remnants of the Old World was a fan-made mod for INFRA that was under development by the Remnants dev team.

Story[edit | edit source]

Due to the mod's cancellation, former developer CitadelCore released information on the mod's story on Discord.


The prologue starts in Mark's holiday house at the end of Part 3, where he is watching TV. He sees a news story about Stalburg, and a street named Juosta St. "A gigantic sinkhole has appeared in the middle of Juosta St after residents there noticed a loud roaring and blinding light coming from inside one of the houses. The entire house has collapsed into the sinkhole, however, the single resident of the house, known by her neighbours as "The Professor", is still missing. Emergency services have evacuated the entire street until the structural integrity of the street can be properly determined." Mark then comments on this, saying "Looks like it's time to get out my flashlight and camera again."


After Mark enters the tunnels, he quickly gets lost and has no phone signal. He ends up in an old underground facility of sorts, where he enters a large warehouse. The ventilation system of the warehouse had been sabotaged with poisonous mushrooms (and if Mark fails to rectify this & he dosen't get out in time, a special Morko event will trigger (due to the halluncinations) and he will die).


Exiting the underground facility, he reaches a maintenance corridor underneath a laboratory office building. Looking out the window, Mark sees that it is almost dusk and large rain clouds are forming over Stalburg. Mark comments on this: "Looks like it's going to be a rough night." In this office, he finds disturbing evidence relating to a project named "Null Driver", and even some kind of twisted human experiment. (this is optional to find). After this, he exits the building and comes across an entrance to a small abandoned mine.


The mine takes Mark through another network of tunnels until he reaches a tunnel leading into the basement of a house on Juosta St. It is now revealed to be well into the night, and there is a thunderstorm ongoing outside. Searching the house, Mark finds more information about the "Null Driver", which is actually revealed to be a teleportation technology developed by an individual only referenced in text by the name "The Professor". In the office of this house, Mark looks out the window and suddenly a massive explosion occurs in the distance, knocking him off his feet. He calls his boss to ask about this and he tells him to "just continue on to the tunnels".


Exiting the house, Mark is free to walk around Juosta St itself. He comments on the storm depending if you remembered to pick up the rain jacket at the office at the start. He notices a massive sinkhole in the middle of the street, which has swallowed an entire house. He cannot reach it directly, though, and must go through the Recreation Centre to proceed.


After Mark reaches the sinkhole, he finds a door in one of the walls at the bottom. After entering it, he finds a large, half-destroyed room with a massive machine (the Null Driver itself), and a large circular gateway/portal structure. Mark solves a puzzle to reactivate this machine, but as it is gathering energy something explodes and it shuts down. He sees The Architect (Silvius) in a room high up, holding a tablet computer, obviously who sabotaged the machine. He will be killed by the collapse of the room from the explosion, but if you deactivate the remote control system of the portal (with a secret code), The Architect will not be able to sabotage the machine and he will storm off in frustration. Mark can then either enter (or repair and enter) the portal, and he will be teleported to The Island where Chapter Two starts.

History[edit | edit source]

Remnants was originally a solo project by CitadelCore being its only developer. In early 2020 Citadel decided to expand the development team to 7 people including himself. Citadel initially served as Project Lead, but was replaced by OH_ZOG_NO in June 2020 after he became busy with Portal 2: Community Edition. The mod was officially announced on the 25th of June to coincide with the Steam summer sale.[1] A ModDB page for the mod was created On August 2nd. Three monthly development updates were posted on August 2nd, September 7th, and November 22nd. Several teaser images were also released in the #devblog discord channel throughout early 2021.

On the 17th of May 2021 the mod's cancellation was announced, with the pandemic's impact on productivity and technical issues with the project being cited as the reasons for doing so. It was also announced that work already done on the project would be recycled into INFRA: Underground, a smaller project that would include members of the Remnants dev team.[2] CitadelCore also teased the possible revival of the project in 2022.[3]

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