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This page exists to temporarily contain unsorted assets from the ARG. Please add any interesting assets you find here so they can be investigated.

The Red Book[edit | edit source]

This red book appears in interesting locations throughout the game. But the meaning of the book is still a mystery. it was implied by one of the developers (Oskutin) that the book might have some importance.

Red Book.png

Book Locations[edit | edit source]

Description Screenshot
Hammer valley, in the cave next to the garage keys. Reserve3 Book Location.png
Stalburg Steel Offices, In the blocked room next to the tape recorder. Tower Book Location.png
The Sewers, In the control room, on top of the control console. Sewer2 Book Location.png
The Minitrain Tunnels, In the hideout behind the steampipes.
The location is likely a hideout of one of the escaped scientists from the bunker.
Minitrian Book Location.png
The Skyscraper, In the library room, on the floor. Skyscraper Book Location.png
The Bunker, Science Lab, two books on the tables. Bunker Book Location.png
The Stormdrain, Next to Ugu in the hidden cave. Stormdrain Book Location.png
Castle Rock, In the secret room with Xander and Eric Isle2 Book Location.png
Wasteland, Right next to Mark's feet when he arrives in wasteland. Wasteland Book Location.png
Tenements, On the border control station's roof. 20200423173907 1.jpg
Rosenthal Villa, On top of the dresser in the smaller cottage next to the villa. Villa Book Location.png
NPP, In the Control room. On the top shelf above the couch next to the door. Npp Book Location.png
Other locations
Good Ending, In a bookshelf in Mark's bedroom Ending2 Book Location.png
Horrible Ending, On a dresser in the hallway. Ending3 Book Location.png

Historical Dates[edit | edit source]

While exploring the world of INFRA player can come across dates which are references to historical events.

Image Date Event
April 27 1986.png April 27th 1986 The town of Pripyat was evacuated due to Chernobyl disaster.
Leaving behind the famous Pripyat Nuclear Wasteland.
Feb 25 1980.png February 25th 1980 The "Sergeants' Coup" took place in Suriname, South Africa.
Feb 12 1945.png February 12th 1945 The Treaty of Varkiza was signed.
Mar 26 1896.png March 26th 1896 The Brunner Mine disaster took lives of 65 miners in New Zeland.

Murals[edit | edit source]

Image Location


Found in Bergmann tunnels in a ruined building.


Found In Richard's room in The Bunker. It has the words "Underground God is Dead! We need an Answer! Live!" written on it.


Found In Richard's room in The Bunker.


Found in the underground hall at the end of the Metroride.


Found in Hammer valley within a cave with a geocache.
  • Words on the mural starting from the top and going clockwise are: Stalburg Underground, Ah?, Water Trees, Osmo Olut, Open Sewer, (Body?),
    Erik, Robin, (???), (P3 Worker?), Mask, Machine, Legend of the Underground, Green Mushroom and Tunnel Monster.

Other[edit | edit source]

Tunnel of water trees[edit | edit source]


This book is made by Silvia H. Raven. and it has some kind of code E.1 S.9 H.8 C.2 on the back cover.
The book is referred in the Hammer valley mural aka. "the water trees mural". Could be worth looking into.

Villa Cane[edit | edit source]

INFRA - Villa Cane Top.jpg INTRA - Villa Cane Upper Side.jpg Villa Cane Lower Side.jpg INTRA - Villa Cane Bottom.jpg
There is a cane found lying on the floor of the Villa in the same room as the defaced paintings.
Presumably it belonged to Jeff Walter (as shown in his portrait found elsewhere in the Villa).
The patterns visible on the metalwork of the cane are reminiscent of those seen in "Elo's Hideout" in the Isle2 map.
Possibly related to the ARG?

New Screenshots[edit | edit source]

ARG T01 S2778 E1 INFRA.png


T01 S2778 E1 INFRA

Found after the train station in the city after all hell breaks lose.Commented by Oskutin with E1 Under?

ARG FM.png


Found on its own with nothing near or next to it probaly just some random letters. In a corner at the part where your walking through the flooded city.