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This article lists available locations in Open Sewer.

Most Important Locations[edit | edit source]

Tenement[edit | edit source]

The Tenement is a huge flat that was given to the player, because of some mistake in the paper work. You can go to Rob-in Build And Repair to renovate the apartments in the Tenement or perform general renovations, like installing plumbing or electricity.

O-Market[edit | edit source]

Open Time: 24/7 A 24/7 shop in the middle of Open Sewer. You can buy stuff to fulfill your everyday needs, like Food, Cigarettes, Drinks as well as Cooking and Crafting ingredients.

Skeida Pharmacy[edit | edit source]

Open Time: 24/7 A Pharmacy next to the O-Market where you can buy Anti-depressants, Painkillers, Sleeping Pills, Methanol, Ethanol and safe hallucinogenic mushrooms, that does not increase your SMV progression.

Rob-in Build And Repair[edit | edit source]

Open Time: A shop in front of the Skeida Pharmacy. You can renovate your tenement here. You will have to pay before every renovation, then bring Rob Madsen the needed Hardwares to start the renovations. When the renovations are finished, you will have to pay a final payment, before you can use the given Apartment.

Doctor[edit | edit source]

Open Time: The Doctors office is inside of Skeida Pharmacy. You can go to her to help on your SMV progression.

Bottle Recycling Machine[edit | edit source]

This machine is located inside of the O-Market. You can bring bottles and cans to get some OCs.

Bazaar[edit | edit source]

Pentti Penttilä's Bar[edit | edit source]

A bar where you can buy makeshift alcoholic drinks from its owner Pentti Penttilä. There are two other characters in this bar, as well as Breweries on the first floor.

General Store[edit | edit source]

A shop in front of Pentti Penttilä's Bar. Here you can buy Hardwares and a few other stuff. You can also sell some stuff here, but Ivan Tsarnov (The owner of the shop) will not buy junk items.

Fresh Shrooms[edit | edit source]

A little shop where you can buy hallucinogenic mushrooms from its owner Marjukka Sieni.

Penni Penna's Pocket Bank[edit | edit source]

A bank located next to Pentti Penttilä's Bar. Here you can open a bank account to store your OCs and RMs. Also you can change between the two currencies. However sometimes Penni Penna will run out of change and he asks you to come back tomorrow.

Bakery Sawdust[edit | edit source]

A bakery where you can buy bread and cooking (and crafting) ingredients.

Inn[edit | edit source]

A place next to Bakery Sawdust, where you can rent a room for some nights to sleep. If you rent a room the toilet gets unlocked as well so you can use it too.

Alco Store[edit | edit source]

A shop in front of the Inn, where you can buy and sell alcoholic drinks.

Grill[edit | edit source]

A shop next to the Inn, where you can buy Burgers, Steaks and other kinds of foods, as well as Cigarettes.

Teddy Shop[edit | edit source]

A shop in front of the Grill.

Hilla Palo[edit | edit source]

A saler next to the Grill. You can buy vegetables from her.

Oliver Berggren[edit | edit source]

A meat saler in front of Hilla Palo's booth. You can buy safe and unsafe meat from him.

Sofija Pisula[edit | edit source]

A junk saler next to Hilla Palo's booth. You can buy junk items from her.

Aava Kauppila[edit | edit source]

A coffee saler next to Oliver Berggren's booth. You can buy normal and 'special' coffees from her.

Toilets[edit | edit source]

There are a total of seven Toilets in Open Sewer you can use. Located in 1. The Bazaar (costs 5 OCs) 2. The Inn (have to rent a room) 3. Behind the 'This Way' gate 4. Behind the school 5. On the way to the Junk Trader (next to Osmo Olut Factory) 6. In Malone Petronis's apartment 7. In your own apartment

Breweries[edit | edit source]

Mashing Tuns[edit | edit source]

Greenhouses[edit | edit source]

Other Locations[edit | edit source]

Furniture Salesman[edit | edit source]

A salesman in front of your tenement. You can buy furniture from him to your apartment for RMs.

Junk Trader[edit | edit source]

A trader in the south end of Open Sewer next to the Osmo Olut Factory. You can sell stuff to him, though he has a very limited amount of money. You can also buy Recipes, some Hardwares and a few Junk items from him.

Sauna[edit | edit source]

A place at the west end of Open Sewer. It costs 25 OCs to get in. Here you can use the hose to refill bottles with water or use the Ball Grill to cook food.

Police Station[edit | edit source]

A building not far from the Sauna. Here you can ask if the police is 'chasing' you. Or you can report something.

Korso Hotel[edit | edit source]

A building next to the Police Station. At the time there's no interaction with this building and it isn't marked on the map.

Church[edit | edit source]

A small church next to the Sauna.

Cemetery[edit | edit source]

A cemetery behind the Church. You can find a bottle of Whiskey on one of the graves, that you can give to Ville Sköldgangster.