Getting Started

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Quest Story

  1. "Getting Started" quest, will take time to finish but this quest will begin once you realize your new apartment complex has its first tenement besides you. Malone Petronis, is his name, and he has Apartment #7.
  2. Begin the quest by going into his residency on the 3rd floor and talking to him.
  3. Once you have finished all conversation options, he will give advice on how to better your life, and wallet, here in Obenseuer. But this advice does not come free. Malone will help, if you let him live in your apartments, rent free, for life.
  4. Upon agreeing to his terms, he sends you to talk to Jonasson, a contractor on the main floor of Deekula A, talk to Jonasson and report back to Malone after you start your first renovation.
  5. The optional quest Malone gives is to go to Kurahaara Brothers' Farm (Kurahaara Farmer) and make some extra money by working for them. Good advice for it is great early game oc. Just go down the south alley of O-Market and head up the stairs around the back of it.
  6. There is a greenhouse right in front of the top of the stair you can enter and talk to one of the brothers. He will agree to have your helping hand in growing crops. This will start the Kurahaara Farmer Quest.
  7. Gather the requirements needed for your first renovation with Jonasson, start it, and report back to Malone.
  8. (Advice from experience) DO NOT start any more renovations yet until you talk to malone, there is a bug where the renovations on the next part of the quest don't count till after Malone tells you to do 5 more renovations to continue the quest.
  9. Once he sends you on the 5 new renovations, complete that and tell him about your progress.
  10. He will have you get your first Renter or Tenement to live in the new place you are working hard to make like new.
  11. Once this new tenement agrees to move in let Malone know, again, of your progress and BAM, quest completed.