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This page is about game, for a district nicknamed "Open Sewer" see Obenseuer page.

Open Sewer
Loiste Interactive Game
mapimage:Open Sewer
Release Date 2018-12-12
Price $11.99 / 9.99€ / £9.29
Status Released
Early Access
Steam Page Open Sewer
Genre(s) RPG
Engine Unity
Mode(s) Single-player

Open Sewer is a "Concretepunk" roleplaying game set in Stalburg's rundown residential district of Obenseuer, nicknamed Open Sewer by its unfortunate residents, some of whom have been permanently deposited there against their will, as the city want's to sweep its precious posh center of all the rabble.

And at this point it should be perfectly clear to you that — according to the city's inefficient bureaucrats — you're part of that undesirable rabble.

Thanks to them, you'll need to survive in that notorious cesspit of mayhem that is 'Open Sewer' and try to make ends meet while struggling with your needs, addictions and depression.

If you're a beginner you can find a little help on how to get started here.

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